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ZTGH Big Wins
We had some big legal wins at the firm recently, as a result of some incredible team work. If I am forgetting anyone, please let me know for inclusion in next month's news.

In H.Y. and Aviva, Suzanne shut down a claim for NEB, a MIG challenge, several treatment plans and a special award.
Shanti and Maia moved to Kitchener for 3 weeks for Sharma v. Stewart. The file was assessed around $250k +, but the Plaintiff was awarded almost nil after deductions.
Sharla successfully argued to dismiss an application at the LAT in S.L.L and Certas. 

In D.B. and Cumis General Insurance, Peter argued that the insurer had no chance to assess whether the AC claim was valid because it was submitted after the preliminary hearing.

In Shipley v. Virk/Gill, the Plaintiff claimed that the MVA caused chronic pain, PTSD and she was unable to work and needed housekeeping and future care. Over the  9 day trial in Orangeville, Ari was able to convince the Jury otherwise. The Jury awarded $7,500 in gross general damages, $0 for past/future income loss, $0 for past/future loss of housekeeping capacity and $0 future care costs.

Jen had a win at the LAT in D.Q. and Allstate where a CAT applicant had asked for ACB in excess of the cost incurred as well as a neuropsychological assessment. The adjudicator determined that the applicant was not entitled to either.
ZTGH Everywhere Contest
Announcing the ZTGH Everywhere contest for our 20th anniversary!
1. Grab a large logo from Stan's office or use your own business card
2. T ake your logo/business card/piece of swag to an unlikely location or make an unlikely person hold it.
3. Send Stan the photographic proof!
Entries will be posted on social media, there will be prizes for the nuttiest entries. Contest ends July 14th!
   The ZTGH Blog
We publish case commentaries on our website 1-2 times a week, written and edited by our lawyers. Sharing is a super kind thing to do. Please take a moment to share one of our blogs on your Linkedin page. Our most recent blogs include:

ZTGH Summer Party
 The ZTGH Summer Party under the stars is at The Porch this year. 250 Adelaide St. West on Thursday July 20th.

RSVP Stan  by July 13th!

Our photography contest winners are now displayed in reception. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!
ZTGH Softball

On the baseball diamond, the ZTGH Lil'Gators are on a winning streak:

Game 1: 

We won 7 to 6 against Brauti Thorning Zibarras

Game 2:

We won 29 to 22 against McCague Borlack

Game 3:

We beat AMR, 26 to 24. 

If you would like to play or cheer the team on, all levels are welcome! The next game is tonight, June 27th.

For more info, email Devon or Tanya.
    If you have any community news, please email Stan for inclusion in the next issue.
Thanks for reading!