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Zachary Oliver
Zachary Oliver claims technology has allowed the company to grow without adding more trucks.

Two years ago, Dependable Vending, Upland, Calif. made a critical decision to invest in vending management software to allow the company to pre-kit its deliveries and dynamically schedule its 16 routes.

As a result of that investment, the company has been able to grow significantly without adding more routes. Without pre-kitting and dynamic scheduling the company would probably now need 22 routes to accommodate its growth, said Zachary Oliver, vice president.

"In order to stay competitive in California in this environment, it's very important," Oliver said, considering the competition is using the technology and considering that labor costs continue to increase. "We've been able to cater 
to customers a lot more efficiently," he said. 

Dependable Vending CA
When customers call in to ask a 
question, the customer service rep can go to the computer and call up the ma chine in the system and know what the customer is talking about .

Upstate Networks Intros Hardware To Integrate With Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer
The Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi acts as a cashless device when combined with MDB.

Upstate Networks Inc., a
manufacturer of hardware and software designed to interface vending products to PCs and other general purpose computers, has introduced adapters to make managing existing vending machines more versatile.

The PLUM payment layer for unattended  merchandising system hardware integrates with the Raspberry Pi Linux embedded controller.

The PLUM system consists of three separate devices.

The PLUM-OUT is a piece of hardware  known as a "H.A.T." (Hardware Attached on Top) used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi. This allows a Raspberry Pi to act as a cashless device when combined with any multi-drop bus (MDB) vending machine. The vending machine system integrator or developer can place credit on any MDB vending machine after consulting a database, magswipe, Bluetooth or cell phone to verify funds are available and approve or deny the vend accordingly.
365 Connected Campus
ViaTouch Tabs Artificial Intelligence Iris Authentication For Automated Retail Solution
ViaTouch Media, a provider of automated retail solutions using artificial intelligence, announced it has integrated embedded iris recognition technology from EyeLock LLC into its Vicki solution.

Through a partnership with EyeLock, a provider of iris authentication technology, ViaTouch's Vicki solution will provide consumers with a safe authentication process. The embedded technology will be integrated and operable with First Data online payment networks.

"This new partnership with ViaTouch is a major breakthrough for EyeLock," said Jim Demitrieus, CEO of EyeLock. "For years, we have been investing in our IP portfolio, working with industry leaders in technology and across a diverse set of industries to introduce a portfolio of embedded products." 

The Froyo Robot Frozen Yogurt Vending Machine
The Froyo Robot is now available to franchisees.
Reis & Irvy's has launched an automated, interactive, high-tech unit, the Froyo Robot, that provides all-natural frozen yogurt delivered in a hygienically contained manner. The unit is now available to franchisees.

Operators will have access to a syrup injection system that will offer a selection of 12 syrups to choose from, and as a result, offer customers four flavors in addition to vanilla frozen yogurt and a secondary barrel that can be utilized for another core flavor, or the addition of healthy options or promotional flavors. 

Once a customer chooses their flavor, it is automatically blended with the Reis & Irvy's core vanilla frozen yogurt to create a creamy frozen treat. This customization will open the door to customer favorites such as birthday cake, blue raspberry, cotton candy and pistachio.

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