May 1st 2020
Zack's Place is enjoying Daily Zoom Classes
Hello Everyone,

First and foremost Zack's Place Board, Staff and participants are hoping you are healthy and safe. The COVID-19 has changed so much for us so quickly at Zack's Place. At first, we just were hoping things would get back to normal quickly but as time went on we realized that for now this is our normal.

So..... we started ZOOM CLASSES! We were a little skeptical on how they were going to work and how we were going to help our participants get on ZOOM. But after a week of working with everyone we are up and running.

Right now our schedule is 5 days a week with a 15 minute chat time each day and a 1hour class or workshop. The classes have been incredibly popular with 12-25 people participating.

We are not sure how long we will need to do this for but as soon as it is safe for us to reunite we will figure out what programs will look like at Zack's Place. In the meantime the safety of our participants, staff, volunteers, teachers and everyone is what matters most to us.

As far as our fundraisers we have a garden event scheduled now for July 12th and as far as we can predict we are holding this event at Kelly Way Gardens. Invites will be sent out later in the month.

Our Zack's Place Musical will hopefully go on this summer and we are looking at August 12th. Our golf tournament is scheduled for September 18th and the Turkey Trot is on right now.
We will keep you updated as time goes on.
Stay safe and healthy!
Dail Frates
This is what classes we provided in April
April 2020 in Review From Holly O'Brien
Wow, it certainly has been a crazy month of April… for so many reasons. First of all, the weather… needless to say, its been all over the place. Snow, rain, warm, cold, dew, frost…. simply crazy, so up and down. All the while, flowers have been poking through, grass has been turning green and new life continues to blossom. I guess, this is really, just a typical Vermont spring. 😊 What’s not typical is the “stay at home” orders from our government, the requests for us to social distance at home and inside… “Covid 19” which has certainly put a wrench into our normal schedule and everyday lives. Our hearts go out to all of those individuals who have suffered during this time and we commend all of the many health care workers and essential workers for their incredible bravery, strength and support.
As you all know, Zack’s Place is currently closed due to Covid 19. We officially closed on March 12th, thinking it would be a couple of weeks… maybe until the end of March, while we weathered the storm. However, as things escalated and Covid turned in to a pandemic, we, like so many businesses and institutions had to close for a longer period of time. As we navigate through these difficult and crazy times here at ZP, we are currently offering on line programs and staying in touch with many ZP participants each day through zoom. We all miss being at ZP but it is wonderful to still get to see everyone, as we quarantine and social distance. The zoom classes have been absolutely amazing and each day we get better and better with the zoom technology and implementing these online programs. We have also been taking advantage of our vacant building and doing some minor renovations, new doors to Zack’s garden and lots and lots of painting…. thank you to Doug and his magic paint brush! 😊
We started our first zoom program on April 14th and we are just about to complete week three. It has been heartwarming to see every body’s smiling faces and hear what they have all been up too. We currently offer one program a day starting off with a bit of socializing, allowing time for everyone to get connected. Our programs have consisted of story telling with Jools, Art with Lynn, yoga with Jamie and Amanda, music with Kerry and Sandy, fitness games with Bari and Vince, lunch with kitty and cooking with Sarah. As we enter in to the month of May, we are hoping to also connect with Artistree and Billings farm, to offer some of their programs, as well as continuing with the above and adding a few more.
We hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. Please send us an email if you would like to connect with our zoom programs, everyone is welcome to join in and it is a guarantee to brighten your day!  
Singing with Kerry
Story Telling with Jools
Fitness with Bari and Vince
Yoga with Jamie