See inside for information on the-Zack's Place Prom, Musical Charlotte's Web, new board members, Annual meeting and the May Calendar and it is time to register for the "Tournament of Champions"!
Zack's Place May 2017 Newsletter
April in Review

On April mornings we did crafts with Kitty, meditated wit Vince, swam at the Aquatic center, bowled at Maple Lanes and the event was a collaboration with Spark! and sponsored by the generous folks at Appcast. We cooked with Sarah, had fitness classes with Bari, music movement with Kathleen and Mark, we worked on our greeting cards with Marissa, we toured the Woodstock Fire, Police and Public Safety Department, we had art class with Lolly and Bonnie, nutrition class with Vince, we went to the HOP to see the NILE PROJECT, and we went to the Lebanon Opera House to see Arc Attack.

Mid-day we had pottery class with Fiona, attended farm programs at Billings Farm, science class with Corinna, worked on our choreography with Jen for our upcoming musical, we went to a movie at Pentangle, we cooked with Holly, and went for a hike at Billings Farm.

In the late afternoons we had yoga classes with Tita, Jamie, Lalita and Jess, we sang with Kerry, played games with Carl Hurd, and we worked very hard practicing for our musical on May 31st. 
Zack's Place at Billings Farm
Leah and Fred doing crafts
Yoga class is so much fun with Jamie. We are doing the massage train.
Helen and Erin doing yoga
Annie and Jessa making Lunch for Kathy and Sandi from Peoples United Bank.
Sandi and Kathy and Zack's Place at the Woodstock Public Safety Department
We celebrated a lot of Birthdays this month
Jess blowing out her candles
Jessica B. and Allysa hanging out at the Bowling Alley
Corrinna teaching science
Oscar, Jessa and Keegan at the Aquatic Center

Woodstock Union High School Students Host a Prom for Zack's Place and you are invited. Friday April 28th from 4-6PM. Put you best clothes on and come dance with us!

Zack's Place Theater Guild Presents: Charlotte's Web,
the Musical written by EB White
 and rewritten by Zack's Place

A World Famous All Star Cast from Zack's Place with  Talented Cameo performers from the Community
For one night only this performance is free!
Woodstock Town Hall Theater
Wed May 31 st at 5:30P

Hollywood Musical Review: It will make you laugh out loud, Cry, sing at the top of your lungs and dance in the aisles.
New York Theater Review: Most people would pay more for these tickets than they would to see Hamilton!

WHEN:      Tuesday, May 9, 5:15 pm
WHERE:     Zack's Place
                   73 Central Street
                   Woodstock, VT 05091
On Tuesday, May9th at 5:15 pm, ZACK'S PLACE will hold its 10th Annual Meeting.
All members, participants, volunteers, and guests are welcome to join us as we conduct any business that may come before the Board .

Zack's Place welcomes new Board Members!

Zack's Place is fortunate to have a hard working 13 member board that is dedicated to our mission. Every board member works hard overseeing our wonderful enrichment center.

Jeff Dillon-April 2016
Global Health Care Professional
Jeff Dillon is a global healthcare professional currently serving as Vice Consul, Trade & Investment Officer for Healthcare for the British Consulate. He has held senior executive roles at several Fortune 50 Corporations. Currently he is active on several board positions for both non-profit and for-profit domestic and global corporations, as well as serving as a Rotarian. Having a brother with special needs, he has been an active advocate in all types of organizations to generate opportunities and improve the well-being for him and his peers.
Lisabeth Maloney-December 2016
Lib is an American Board of Anesthesiology board certified anesthesiologist with subspecialty fellowship training in neuroanesthesia, who retired from clinical anesthesiology practice in May, 2015 after a 31 year career.
Lib was born and raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey and attended Dartmouth College, graduating Magna Cum Laude as a French major in 1977 in the second class of women at Dartmouth. She then attended Boston University School of Medicine, graduating in 1981. Lib completed an internship in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology residency and Neuroanesthesiology fellowship training at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. After training, she joined the faculty of the Department of Anesthesiology at Dartmouth and was an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and of The Dartmouth Institute at the Geisel School of Medicine. In 2005, Lib received a Masters of Science degree from The Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth (The Dartmouth Institute).
Her whole career was spent at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. While there, she served as Executive Medical Director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic and Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital from 1995 - 2008
Lib was a member of the Board of Directors for the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care from 1996 - 2013, and Northeast Healthcare Quality Foundation from 2004 - 2010. She currently is a member of the Admissions Committee for The Dartmouth Institute, a member of the Board of Trustees for the Maynard House in Hanover, New Hampshire and a member of the Board of Directors at Zack's Place in Woodstock, Vermont.
Lib is married to W. Joseph (Joe) Maloney, President and Owner of Maloney Associates Insurance in Hanover, New Hampshire. Lib and Joe have two children, Bridget and Connor, two grandchildren, Madeline and Cameron. Lib and Joe live in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Dave Duval-April 2017
Dave Duval served as a Trustee of Quechee Lakes Landowners' Association and The Quechee Club in Quechee, VT for four years.  He was President and CEO from 2014 though the end of his term in 2016.  During his tenure he focused on upgrading governance practices; the completion of a membership survey and 5-year business plan; improving communications with members; financing a new $5 million indoor and outdoor Aquatics Complex; integrating committee and Board activities; implementing more meaningful financial reporting; and developing a 10 year Integrated Funds Plan.  The plan established the groundwork for several years of capital improvements designed to modernize the capital base, increase membership satisfaction and attract new buyer/members. Immediately prior to his role at Quechee Lakes, he served on the Board of Governors of Charles River Country Club in Newton Centre, MA for 8 years and as Treasurer for 6 of those years. During his tenure, he assembled a peer group of Club Treasurers, General Managers and Controllers in the greater Boston area for the purpose of sharing financial information and promoting best practices. While serving as Treasurer he oversaw a survey of the membership and developed and executed against a long-term financial plan resulting in the completion of an extensive list of member-satisfying capital improvements totaling close to $17 million. At each Club, he negotiated appropriate levels of debt on favorable terms.
Dave is a Certified Public Accountant and earned his undergraduate degree from Bentley University and his MBA from Babson College.  During his 40-year professional career, he served as the EVP/CFO of a privately held group of companies and more recently as a partner in venture capital firms that helped more than 80 portfolio companies fund and execute carefully crafted plans for more than 20 years.  He has served as a Director and Officer of several companies, non-profits, clubs and associations and advises clients of Boston Financial Management, LLC.

Norman Frates (Co-Founder, President)
Mascoma Bank, VP Mortgage Lending
Bettyanne McGurire, Vice President
Retired Attorney
Jim Godfrey, CPA, Treasurer
Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur
Lisabeth Maloney, Secretary
Dennis Shillen
Attorney at Shillen and Mackal
Ron Jaynes
Retired Builder
Susan Copeland
Nerissa Edwards
School Counselor Woodstock Union High School
Lisa Burrell
Property Management, Special Needs Parent
Helen Norton
Retired Real Estate, Special Needs Parent
Sylvie Finer
Jeff Dillon
Global Health Care Professional
Dave Duval
Financial Advisor, Boston Financial Management
Zack's Place May Calendar

  Click Here for a printable May Calendar

10:30A-Crafts with Kitty
1245PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Play practice at WES 3PM
2 11a-Farm program at Billings Farm
1P-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Yoga- Tita
415P- Reading with Diane Dugan
3 1 0A-Hiking to the Pogue bus leaves at 10A returns at 11:45A
1Pm-Science with Corinna
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P Reading with Bettyanne
4 11a-Nutrition with Vince
1PM-Music movement with Mark and Kathleen
315P-Yoga 315P at WES with Jess
10A-Bowling at Maple Lanes Return at 1PM
1:45 PM- Dancing with Jen
3PM-Play practice at WES Jen
11a-Fitness with Bari
1245PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Play practice at WES 3PM
9 10A-Leave for the Rail Trail in Lebanon Cycle from 11A-1P with VASS and picnic leave at 1:15P to return back to Woodstock
415P- Reading with Diane Dugan
5:15P -ZP Annual Meeting
10 11A-Fitness with Carl Hurd
1Pm-Science with Corinna
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P Reading with Bettyanne
11 10:30A-Leave for 129 South Main ST. White River Yoga class there with Annie O, then lunch with Annie O and birthday celebration.
1:20P walking to Northern Stage Show Mama Mia Must RSVP Tickets are Limited. Show gets over at 4:30P and return to ZP arriving at 5PM
12 630A-Dail and Holly, Jessa and Jessica going to Stowe.
10:30A-Story Telling with Jools
1PM-Working on Props with Marissa
3PM-Play practice at WES 3PM Kerry will be there and Jen
930A-walk to Pentangle to see Beauty and the Beast
1245PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Play practice at WES 3PM
16 940A-Going to musical Spaghetti in a Hot Dog performance at Pentangle. 10A-11A Performance
1P-Fitness with Bari
415P-Reading with Diane Dugan
10a-Swimming at UVAC Leave 10A bus returns from UVAC at 11:30a
1Pm-Science with Corinna
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P Reading with Bettyanne
11a-Making props for play with Marissa
1PM-Nutrition with Vince
315P-Yoga 315P at WES with Jess and the students
11a-Making props for play with Marissa
1PM-Gardening with Martha, getting beds ready for planting and planting cold weather veges
3PM-Play practice WES and Kerry
22 11a-setting up props for play with Marissa (Dail and Holly)
11a-Fitness with Bari
1245PM-Pottery with Fiona
3PM-Play practice at Town Hall 3PM
23 10A-Leave for the Rail Trail in Lebanon Cycle from 11A-1P with VASS and picnic leave at 1:15P to return back to Woodstock
415P- Reading with Phil
24 10:30A- Hiking and lunch at Frates Family Farm.
1Pm-Science with Corinna
3Pm-Singing with Suzy and Sara
415P Reading with Bettyanne
11A-Yoga with Jess at Zack's Place
1PM-Music movement with Mark and Kathleen
3PM-Play practice at Town Hall 3PM
11A-Marketing Greeting cards with Marissa
1:30-Dancing with Jen
3PM-Play practice at Town Hall 3PM Jen
Zack's Place Closed for Memorial Day
30 11a-Farm program at Billings Farm
1P-Fitness with Bari
3PM-Play practice at Town Hall Theater
31 11A-Crafts with Kitty
1Pm-Science with Corinna
3PM-go over to Town Hall and get ready for Musical
5:30P-Zack's Place Musical
415P Reading with Bettyanne