May 2018
Zack's Place Newsletter
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  • Zack's Place Musical at Town Hall Theater May 16th
  • The Kelly Way Garden Workshop and Gourmet Dinner
  • April in Review
  • The May Calendar
April in Review , Lot's of great pictures and a Zack's Place Garden Workshop
Followed by the May Calendar
April In Review
April continued to be a busy month and in the beginning, a snowy one as well! It was at least a couple of weeks into April before we started to feel springtime but as the month comes to an end, I think it is safe to say spring is here!!J
Per usual, we had a busy month at Zack’s Place. On the artistic and creative side of things, we continued with our wonderful pottery sessions at Artistree, we had Art every Friday with Caitlin, crafts with Kitty and art with our dynamic duo, Lolly and Bonnie painting beautiful rocks. We went to Lebanon Opera house for the performance “Land of Trash” which teaches their audiences the importance of being environmentally conscious. We made music and sang with our talented musicians, Mark and Kathleen and Kerry Rosenthal. We had drumming with Ted and story time with Jools.We had cooking with Martha and Annie, cooking with Sarah and Nutrition with Vince! We also have spent quite a bit of time this month practicing for our upcoming production of “The Wizard of Zoz.”
On the health side of things….we had Fitness with Bari, Games with Carl and Yoga with one of our many yoga instructors (Tita, Amanda, Lalita, Jamie, Jess and Maeve!) We had dancing with Jen, we went to a fabulous spring dance at the American Legion in Windsor and we went swimming a couple of times at UVAC. (Upper Valley Aquatic Center)
We also had many wonderful field trips this month, including a great visit to the state house where we had a guided tour, lunch and then presented our sing devotional, to the floor of the house. It was a great visit followed by a quick tour at the historical society. We had two fun days of bowling in April, at Maple Lanes in Claremont, always a highlight! We went to visit VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) and had a wonderful time learning and we enjoyed a farm program at Billings Farm! We also learned about what it takes to run a grocery store with Keegan Moriarty who works at Mac's Market.
The icing on the cake was the incredible prom put on by Woodstock Union High School Students for the Zack's Place Participants. The Prom Theme was "Star Wars". The gym was stunning and took our breath away, as we came in under the decorated pergola. As the music started more and more students arrived to dance with us. We danced the night away under the stars with the high school students. It was so much fun. I was touched by the kindness and generous nature of the students as a whole and how great they were to share that time with us.
Last but not least we had reading every Tuesday and Wednesday with our wonderful readers, Bettyanne McGuire, Diane Dugan and Phil Swanson. I would also like to thank our fabulous volunteers, June Racicot, Rebecca Mitchell and Doug Phillips.
Looking forward to another great month in May!!
Happy Spring Everyone!!