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Julia and Daisy share a moment together!
In August we had lot's fun and here are some of our highlights.
Fitness with Bari. She comes in once a week to help us stay fit. We try to have some type of sport or fitness class everyday at Zack's Place.
Nutrition with Vince. Vince comes in twice a month and teaches us a quick healthy recipe and then has a class on how nutrition fuels our bodies and our minds.
We kayak and Canoe every week at Silver Lake with Vermont Adaptive.
Alice and Matt heading out for a canoe.
Josh loves being on the water
Eric mastered kayaking!
We spend our Fridays at DJ's Farm horseback riding. Jessa is on Barrister who has been taking our participants for rides for years. Johnna Dana brings him each week so that we can ride. Jessa talks about her riding all year long.
It would not be summer without a fun hike and a swim in the pond at Frates Farm.
One of our most popular programs is bowling! Our group loves it.
Leah bowling at Maples Lanes and Marge assists.
Mama Mia! Here we go again! Zack's Place attended the film at Pentangle. We were dancing in the aisles and Eric could not contain himself he had to go right up on stage!
We danced our way all the way back to Zack's Place after the movie!
We do yoga every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM! We have great instructors!
Woodstock Emergency Services Appreciation Day at Zack's Place.
The Zack's Place Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, 30 Days Left to purchase a golf ball before this exciting event! This exciting event happens at 6PM at Woodstock Country Club. Click Here to buy your Golf Ball Now! This event is supporting the new safe entrance we are building. Click Here to buy your golf ball!
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