Turkey Trot, Turkey Trot, Turkey Trot, Turkey Trot....I can't say it enough!!!

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Zack's Place at Ogden Mills learning about making cider with Thatcher and Jamie Fields.
October in Review
all of this made possible by fundraisers like the Turkey Trot
In October we stayed fit with Bari, bowled at Maple Lanes, walked around town, we swam at Upper Valley Aquatic Center, we did yoga every Tuesday and Thursday with our fab yoga teachers, we cycled the rail trail with Vermont Adaptive, played games with Carl Hurd and we hiked up to the Pogue.

We had many forms of art in October including films at Pentangle, art with Caitlin, we made pottery at Artistree, attended a Global Campus Program at Tip Top Pottery, we had Art and crafts with Lolly and Bonnie, a trip to the Lebanon Opera House to see "The Money Tree", a trip to the HOP to see "Tales from the Latino World" , we had singing classes with Kerry and Jack Snyder and music movement with Mark.

We continued to learn with lot's of educational programs including reading with Diane and Bettyanne and Book Club with Anne Swanson. Holly taught a photography class. We had science class with Corinna, we made a new greeting cards as a collaborative project with Woodstock Elementary School. We had nutrition classes with Vince, we visited Billings Farm for Historic Farm programs. We also had a visit to the Dana House Historical House.

Just for fun we took a fall foliage ride through the Brandon Gap and stopped in the town of Brandon for lunch. We also went to visit our friend and yoga teacher Jamie Fields at her home Ogden Mills which is an old Cider Mill. Thatcher, Jamie's husband gave us a great tour and taught us all about how a cider mill works.
Mrs. Giller from Woodstock Elementary with Student Council. They collaborated with Zack's  Place for a greeting card project.
Zack's Place on a fall foiage hike on Mt. Tom
Joanne and Keegan on the hike
Jack Snyder doing a jam session with us.
Yes we are pumpkin bowling at Billings Farm and it is really fun!
Corinna teaching about finger prints!
Zack's Place hike's the Thundering Brook Trail which is handicap accessible in Killington
Michael and Jessa getting ready for cycling.
Music movement with Mark Van Gulden
Allyssa and Tommy out for a bike ride!
Bonnie and Lindsey volunteer to pick apples for apples and crafts!
Marissa and Andrew bowling.

We still need Turkey Trot Sponsors! We have about 3 more days to take sponsors and then we have to print the shirts. Contact us right away if you would like to have your logo on the back of the T-shirt.

 Zack's Place 2017Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Run/Walk November 23, 2017
The Zack's Place Turkey Trot, a 5K run and walk held on Thanksgiving Day, was first established in 2007, and has become a dependable annual fundraiser ever since. In 2007, almost 200 people participated. In 2016, over 1,500 people participated and raised $78,000. All of the proceeds of the race are dedicated to our operational costs.
As participants line up and register for the race they are entertained by a band on a flatbed truck. Hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate are offered. The race begins in front of the Woodstock Elementary School at 10:00 AM, with the more skilled runners in front and the rest following. The run meanders through the historic Village of Woodstock, then on towards Billings Farm, around Mountain Avenue, and back around The Town Green, ending at the starting line. An award ceremony, also with refreshments and a band, follows the race where medals are presented.
Families run together as college kids and relatives gather for the Thanksgiving celebration. Grandparents and young children in carriages participate as walkers, dogs join in as well. It has become a tradition for many in the Woodstock area; however we also have "satellite participants" who cannot be in Woodstock but who run with family wherever they are: Hawaii, Italy, New York City, etc. This is indeed a day of thanks where individuals help support our enrichment center and give thanks for their own gifts at the same time.
Runner entry fee is $30.00 if paid by check or $32.50 to pay online.
Maplewood Farm donates lots of apples. Hypertherm employees come and pick apples and Zack's Place families and other volunteers man  our booth. All made for a successful and fun fundraiser!
Hypertherm Team picks apples and helps Zack's Place have a successful fundraiser
Ruth and Andrew Brisson and the Giller Family are just some of the awesome volunteers!
Judy, Alissa and Rosemary weathering the rain and selling apples.

Game Dinner at Kelly Way Gardens was great fun and a huge success!
Chef Rhys and Master Gardener Ben Pauly pulled together a beautiful and deliciously fun evening complete with a garden tour and talk,  a tour of the new event barn, a delicious wild game dinner and smore's over the beautiful fire pits.
November Calendar
November 2017
Must RSVP For
6th of November
14th of November
15th of November
1 10a-movie at pentangle
1pm-Crafts with Kitty
2PM-Double check for Turkey Trot Posters all over town
3PM-Singing with Kerry
2 11A-Music Movement with Mark and Kathleen
1pm-Halloween tales at Billings Farm with emily
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
3 11A-Fitness with Bari
1PM-Art with Sarah
2PM-Book Club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Turkey Trot training walk around town
6 9am leave for
The Hop 10a "Miss Nelsom is Missing" Leave 11a arrive ZP 11:30A
12:30PM-pottery with Fiona bus leaves Artistree at 1:40P
3PM-Games with Carl
10A-Cooking with Holly
1PM-Nutrition with Vince
3PM-Yoga- with Jess
415P Reading with Diane Dugan
10A-Bowling at Maple Lanes return 1PM to arrive ZP at 1:40P
2PM-Walk around town with Kitty in TT costume hand out applications and posters
(maybe art with Caitlin)
3PM-Singing with Papa
10A-Swimming at UVAC return 11:40A
1PM-Lolly and Bonnie Art hour
2PM-Book Club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
11A-Fitness with Bari
1PM-Art with Caitlin
2PM-Book Club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Turkey Trot training walk around town
10:30A-Walk around town with Kitty in Turkey Trot   Costume Hang posters and hand out applications
12:30PM-pottery with Fiona bus leaves Artistree at 1:40P drop 0ff at Billings Farm
2PM-Festival express at billings farm film featival
Walk back at 3:30P
9am Leave for LOH
10-11am "Chicken Dance" Return ZP by 11:45
1PM-library time with Holly
3PM-Yoga with Jess
415P Reading with Diane Dugan
15 9:30A-Leave for King Arthur Flour for a Pizza Making Class which begins at 10:30A-11:30A then eat the pizza in the Court Yard bring your own Water. Must RSVP Class Ingredients is for particpants only because of cost.   Return at 12:30P to arrive ZP at 1:15P.
3PM-Singing with Kerry
11A-Science with Corinna
2PM-Book Club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Yoga with Amanda
11A-Fitness with Bari
1PM-Art with Caitlin
2PM-Book Club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Turkey Trot training walk around town
10:30A-Farm program at Billings Farm
12:30PM-pottery with Fiona bus leaves Artistree at 1:40P
3PM-Games with Carl
21 10:00A-Leave for Montshire Musuem 11A Hot air Balloon Program Return at 12:45P
2PM-Nutrition with Vince
3PM-Yoga with Tita
415P Reading with Diane Dugan
10A-Swimming at UVAC return 11:40A
1PM-Crafts with Kitty
3PM-Singing with Jack
23 Turkey Trot-We hope that all of you will come and volunteer, walk and run and tell everyone you know! This keeps our doors open to give you free programs. Happy Thanksgiving!
Closed for Thanksgiving
Closed for Thanksgiving
27 11A-crafts with Kitty
12:30PM-pottery with Fiona bus leaves Artistree at 1:40P
3PM-Dancing with Jennifer
10A-Bowling at Maple Lanes return 1PM to arrive ZP at 1:40P
3PM-Yoga with Tita
11A-Science with Corrina
1PM- Fitness with Kitty.
3PM-Singing with Kerry
30 1 1A-Music Movement with Mark and Kathleen
1PM-Yoga with Amanda
315PM-Holiday art project with student Council