January 2017
Christmas Concert

Should we host our Christmas concert in the morning since our regular church services are now held in the morning, or should we host it on a Saturday evening and have our regular Sunday service, too... maybe we could simply have it on a Sunday evening instead of Sunday morning like we used to... this was the unexpected dilemma we were faced with this December as we began planning our annual Christmas concert.  In the end we decide that th e latter option was the best. We had an excellent turnout and along with music, one of our congregation testified to how Christ had transformed his life and we also showed a series of short video clips put out by the Billy Graham Association that are excellent for evangelistic meetings. You can check the video clips out on our YouTube channel at
Weekend Retreat

It has been several years since we've been able to organize a weekend of retreat and team building  for our leaders and key volunteers. This year, however,  we were able to book a small resort in the mountainous region  of Croatia for a weekend in mid-January. This will be a time of fellowship, recuperating and  team building and, as we have experienced in the past, excellent  cuisine! This time together has always been so fruitful in building relationships, strengthening our vision and recharging batteries for the year ahead of us. As the resort is in the part of Croatia w here there is a lot of snow, this weekend together will be a special treat for all the children coming along with their parents .

We continue with the construction and renovation work on our church building. We were able to purchase and install  doors  for each room which helped tremendously with heating and sound. However, we still have a couple of small areas that need to be additionally insulated due to heating and sound issues and we are still in need of flooring. Would you partner with us in prayer for the following  funds ?

Flooring for the entire building: $9,600
Additional heat and sound insulation: $4,500
Seeking God

Another tradition that our church has which is a favorite of ours is the annual week of fasting and prayer that we organize each January. We like to  lay the upcoming year at Jesus feet and ask for his guidance, strength, wisdom and power for the new year. Many studies have proved January to be the most depressing month of the year.  We  like to spend the last week of the month fasting and seeking God for our church, unsaved loved ones, our city and our country. It is our desire to see a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival in our midst and this can only happen when we humble ourselves and seek His face in prayer and fasting.
New Worship Album

Bonnie and the kids have returned to school after thoroughly enjoying Christmas break. They are already back into their regular schedule and hard at work. In two weeks Bonnie and the band plan to go into the studio to record two songs. They plan to record them in two takes, one in Croatian and the other in English. We're not sure when they will complete an entire album, but after several years of planning, they're glad to have at least gotten started!
We are so thankful to God for all of your prayers and support. May the Lord richly bless you all in this new year.

Mario and Bonnie
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