July, 2019
Upcoming Zane's Events!!
Community Meeting July 9th!
6:30pm-8:30pm at Church on Silver Lake, 2951 Kent Rd, Silver Lake, Ohio

A new beginning to our Networking NIght for everyone! ( We will also have Networking at Noon and Networking for Dad's) Each month a different version of "networking" will be offered! This is the first month and we hope you will come!

Come and chat, share, what is working our well! Or if you need to vent, we will listen. The first topic of discussion is: The Wonderful World of Waivers! We will take ideas of future topics. The whole family is welcome! A picnic will happen rain or shine! Bring a side to share. Hot dogs and chips will be provided. RSVP to info@zanesinc.org by July 7th, 2019.

Autism Personal Coach social events
Connecting for Kids
ASPIES Service, Therapy adn Emotional Support Animals

Wrights Law-Welcome to summer school
Visit wrightslaw.com for more info
ARC of Ohio Facebook Pages

Additional Resources
U nited Disability Services