"Given that our commitment as Zapatistas is to struggle for life..."

Schools for Chiapas has made a
Million Peso Pledge to support Zapatista autonomous communities in their response to the Coronavirus. We ask that you to join us in giving whatever you can to protect lives in the Mayan communities of rural Chiapas. Our pledge in its entirety goes to Zapatista Autonomous Health System .

In communities where lack of running water, poor nutrition, and scarce medicines and medical equipment make the Coronavirus particularly difficult to control and survive, the threat of this pandemic is even more severe. In response to the crisis, the Zapatistas have closed all their centers and are organizing a massive campaign of hygiene and sanitation across Chiapas to “come out of this alive.”

We also ask that you also take to heart and share the Zapatistas' message about surviving the Coronavirus -- urge your family and friends to take the “scientifically-based sanitary measures” that Zapatistas are implementing in their own autonomous communities. Take care of yourselves and one another. For we must stay alive in order to sustain the struggle in defense of life and Mother Earth.