We're bringing you new 3Rs resources.

This January we're excited to bring you a new resource page on zebrafish, let you know about a rat tickling webinar TOMORROW Jan 27 & our Lab Animal Sciences conference on Feb 10, update you on our MPS initiative, and more!

Do you work with zebrafish? Research shows the importance of refining their housing & handling. On our newest resource page, we give you the most up to date recommendations from experts. Thanks Sarah Thurston from U. of Michigan for drafting this page.

Do you work with rats? Dr. Megan LaFollette will present rat tickling as a positive handling technique and provide guidance on putting it into practice for laboratory care staff and researchers. This webinar is put on in conjunction with NC3Rs.

Join us on Feb 10, for our conference focused on moving from theory to practice. Speakers will provide tools & considerations for implementing the 3Rs. Tracks on preclinical research & MPS.

We're excited to introduce 28 industry innovators in microphysiological systems who have joined our MPS Initiative. Our goal is to increase the adoption of MPS technologies through collaborative engagement with all stakeholders.

Welcome to 4 new & 2 returning members to our Board of Directors: Dr. Armand Menson, James Curry, Dr. Joe Garner, Meaghan Loy, Dr. Alan Hoberman, & Jessie Kull. Congrats to Dr. Sally Thompson-Iritani for being elected to Vice President-Elect. Their leadership will bring expertise, passion, & guidance to enacting our mission.


Want to learn about the latest 3Rs research, but don't have much time? Listen to 3-Minute 3Rs where we share 3 new articles in just 3 minutes! In December we cover protective cranial implant caps for macaques, a cage climber refinement for mice, and skin swabbing versus fin clipping for zebrafish. Produced by Lab Animal in with NC3Rs.

As you can see, NA3RsC is working hard to advance the science and education of refining, reducing, and replacing animals in laboratory research. Your donation to the North American 3Rs Collaborative will enable us to expand these efforts.

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