"Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind." 
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

In This Issue
New Web Page! Check out Zeldis Market Research for Health and Medical Supplies Distributors
Along with the changes in the U.S. healthcare landscape comes increased complexity and challenges for the medical supply and distribution industry. Zeldis Research is helping firms to understand these challenges across the healthcare continuum and to keep their customer needs front and center.  Using a broad range of qualitative and quantitative techniques  --- from traditional to brand-new --- we keep companies in the industry up-to-date by engaging regularly with audiences such as:
    • Hospital and health system executives and key providers
    • Material management, supply chain and purchasing executives
    • Nursing home and home health senior administrators and directors of nursing
    • Physicians and office and practice managers
    • Home medical equipment senior executives.
Find out more about how Zeldis Research can help health and medical supply distributors HERE or contact Senior Research Director Jeff Mann HERE.
Free White Paper and Podcast on Conducting Research with Financial Advisors
Conducting research with advisors can be tricky. From finding the time-pressed, elusive advisors who work with your product, to dealing with  industry  regulations on incentives, to limited sample sizes, your research impact  objectives   can be limited. Learn how to overcome these barriers to conducting research with advisors, and reap surprising and dynamic results . In this new  White Paper and Podcast , Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios explains some of the ways Zeldis Research has been able to get advisors to yield more of their time and open up with more candid responses.  It's all about screening, applying new methodologies, and more.
A new report on the impact of Dental  Workplace Benefits  prepared by Zeldis Research as part of Guardian's Workplace Benefits Study shows that employer-provided dental  plans  yield many benefits beyond a nice smile. Our  research shows  that working Americans who receive  dental benefits through  their employers not only have improved oral health, but also report better  overall health and emotional well-being . See more about this Dental  Workplace Benefits Study HERE.  And check out other studies on our new  Thought Leadership page  HERE .
Introduction to Qualitative Research Webinar Now Available
Do you know someone who's new to Market Research? Make their transition into the industry a little easier with our new Introduction to Qualitative webinar, recorded by Zeldis Senior Research Director Kathrin Schumacher.  Included are an explanation of the techniques used in Qual such as focus groups, bulletin boards and IDIs; the differences and pros and cons of Qualitative versus Quantitative; and how the two methodologies can be used together. You may want to brush up your own knowledge too!
Millennial Webinar
By popular request, we will feature one more live webinar broadcast of   "Seen One Millennial, and You Have Not Seen Them All: A Quantitative Segmentation of Millennial Customers," on Tuesday, March 13 at 1:00 PM EST. The webinar  provides  surprising new insights from the latest Zeldis Research study of this important demographic, perceived often, and erroneously, as a homogenous group.
Ya don't have to be a Brooklyn native to join us February 27-28 at Quirk's East. It's THE Event you should attend to catch up on the latest marketing and insights trends. Join Zeldis Executive Vice President Amy Rey, Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios, and Senior Research Director Jeff Mann at Booth 5 for fun, games, and chances to win prizes. And - cue the Quirk's theme - we want to hear your Big Ideas, and share our Real World solutions! 
Summer Internship at Zeldis
Know someone who's considering a career in market research? A Zeldis summer internship could be a perfect start. Our interns receive exposure to all aspects of the research process, and get significant on-the-job training in drafting questionnaires, performing quality checks, analysis and other key tasks. 
Watch the video on our internship program HERE and learn more HERE
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