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Investment & Retirement Planning - Is Your Engagement Strategy Up to Date?
The financial products landscape has changed dramatically over a decade. And Zeldis is helping to bring financial services firms closer to their customers by testing strategies, products and messages to ensure they are successfully engaging their clients.
Click HERE to learn more about our strategies for evaluating all types of investment products with consumers.
New Medicare Project Examples For You: 
Looking for relevant information to guide the design of your research in this area? See our new online Health Insurance section for examples of our Medicare work with both consumers and brokers/providers. For more on our experience with Medicare products, please email or call (609) 737-7223, x207 .
"Seen One Millennial, and You Have Not Seen Them All" is the subject of new Zeldis proprietary segmentation research, the third year that we have conducted and presented our own findings on Millennial consumers. The data, officially to be released at the Annual SIR Conference this fall  (See Below Article) will cover Millennial attitudes, motivations, and worldviews, such as optimism about the future, belief in traditions and institutions, willingness to embrace technology, and perceptions of the insurance industry. In addition to recommendations for marketing and communication to each segment, the presentation will explain why Millennial consumers should not be treated as one homogeneous, like-minded group.
Annuity products are little understood by many of the people who buy and sell them. Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios shares three valuable considerations from our body of annuity research in this new podcast. Click HERE to hear Fred describe the methodologies that work best for gaining high-quality consumer and advisor insights into these complicated products; offer suggestions for knowledge and topic selection; and examine the important implications of not doing research on annuities. Or read the newly updated White Paper HERE.
Here's another interesting example of an infographic that can help make your findings far more easily and quickly understood than the typical bullet point-filled slide. Let us know if you have a unique or innovative visual you'd like to share (confidential information will be scrubbed!). Meanwhile, feel free to use our suggested format for your own presentation. For more information, contact Leanne Storer.
Senior Research Director Leanne Storer will join Jay Driggers, Director of Customer Experience for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ, on October 23 at the Annual SIR Conference in Milwaukee, WI to present " Using Innovative Consumer Insights to Improve the Digital Experience".
And, at a separate session on October 25, Executive Vice President Amy Rey and Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios will be discussing findings from our brand new, proprietary segmentation study about millennial consumers. Join them for their presentation on " Seen One Millennial, and You Have Not Seen Them All." (See Above Article)
Learn more about the SIR Conference HERE.
Did you know that Zeldis Research is a majority women-owned business? Our certification with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is pending. WBENC's certification validation is accepted by more than 1,000 U.S. corporations.  
Calling all interns: A warm welcome to Rachel Storer, our new summer intern, who supports our staff on a variety of market research projects. Know someone who has an interest in market research as a career? Zeldis will have a second internship opportunity available in the fall; see details HERE.

And check out the new " Careers at Zeldis" page on our website. Learn more about what we do and how we work!
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