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Using Segmentation to Increase Engagement:  A Case Study
One of the biggest trends we observed among our clients in 2016 was a desire for greater engagement with their customers. Whether members of a health plan or association, financial advisors, owners of insurance/investment products, or users of digital learning products, clients in all sectors identified deepened customer engagement as one of their core objectives.

One method to improve engagement is by conducting a customer segmentation. Segmentation research can be used to better understand and more finely target a customer's need for products and services.  Click HERE to see how we successfully developed a solution for a client seeking to improve engagement within its very diverse customer base.

Zeldis researchers have been quick adapters of technology to improve qualitative research techniques. If you have not yet explored the use of webcams for focus groups, check out our exploration of this increasingly popular methodology.

We illustrate several of the key benefits - including cost savings & convenience - that can give webcams a leg up on other techniques when appropriate for your research needs. See more HERE.

The number of independent insurance agencies in the U.S. has remained relatively stable, according to the 2016 Future One Agency Universe Study (AUS).  The biennial study examines how independent agencies operate, the types of technology and marketing tactics they deploy, their revenue, demographic and compensation metrics, and more.

The latest research was again conducted by Zeldis Research, and it offers rare insights from nearly 2,000 independent insurance agents.  Among the findings: 'perpetuation' continues to be an issue, as independent agency owners seek to find suitable talent and secure succession plans.  See more HERE.
Upcoming Conferences 
SIR 2017 Spring Research Workshops Summit
We're thrilled to be part of the team at the SIR Spring Research Workshops Summit March 6-8 at the University Club of Chicago. Zeldis Executive Vice President Amy Rey and Senior Research Director Bert Russick will be moderating a hands-on session focusing on how to initiate research in your organization.
Come See Us At Quirk's
We're hitting Brooklyn March 21-22 for Quirk's East, THE Event for the marketing and insights communities. Join Zeldis Partner Doris Kaiser, Vice President Christine DiMeola, and Senior Research Director Courtney Robertson at Booth 5 for fun, games, and chances to win prizes. And - cue the Quirk's theme -  we want to hear your Big Ideas, and share our Real World solutions! See more HERE.
Four Zeldis Research staff members have been promoted  to new positions. Amy Rey and Kristina Witzling, both formerly Vice Presidents, were named Executive Vice Presidents, a new position. Christine DiMeola, formerly a Senior Research Director, was promoted to Vice President. And Monique Corchado, previously Manager of Finance & Administration, was promoted to Director of Finance & Administration. See more about our people and their new executive responsibilities HERE.
Zeldis Research is proud to announce that Partner Doris Kaiser has been selected as a winner of the 2017 Brava Awards, given annually by SmartCEO Magazine to high-impact female business leaders. The recipients were chosen by an independent committee of local business leaders in eight East Coast areas, based on company growth, community impact and mentoring. The winners will be recognized in a formal ceremony in June.
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