"Knowledge Isn't Power
Until It Is Applied"
-Dale Carnegie

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Fitness wearables, home DNA testing, and patient portals are among the new technologies designed to help consumers to manage their own health care. But, what do consumers think of them, and do they incorporate them into their own wellness programs?

Do physicians equally embrace these consumer technologies and incorporate the health information generated into their practice and patient treatment plans?

These are among the questions addressed in "The Consumerization of Health Care" Phase I of the new proprietary research study from Zeldis Research Associates and The Schlesinger Group exploring the emerging state of health care consumerization.

Results from the Qualitative phase of the study, presented in a recent webinar, are now available.

Watch Consumerization of Healthcare Phase I Webinar HERE.

Request a Copy of the Qualitative Results from Webinar HERE.
New Webinar Coming December 4

And we're pleased to announce we will present the Quantitative findings from Phase II of the Consumerization of Healthcare study on December 4. To find out more about the objectives of the study, and how findings from the Qualitative phase have helped shape the Quantitative phase, Click HERE.

Watch for your invite to follow in November or click HERE to register now.
Do people make healthier choices in their lives as they get older? Perhaps in some ways. Although both Millennials and Gen-Xers equally report living an active lifestyle, Millennials are less likely than Gen-Xers to make healthy eating choices and to believe their health can change unexpectedly, according to findings from the Zeldis Millennial Research study.

Learn more about our Millennial Studies, view recent research examples and watch our Millennial webinars HERE. 
With so much disruption in the marketplace, researchers are feeling that, not only do they not have all of the answers, they don't know all of the questions! 
An important research tool that can help is an integrated Qual/Quant method approach for your research project. We're observing that in many circumstances, openness to fluidity between methods within a research project can move unclear or incomplete discovery forward, yielding rewarding and often unexpected results. Some examples:
  • You may not know the full scope of the problem, let alone which approach will provide the solution. 
  • A Quantitative study may yield surprising findings, which could be enriched with individual follow-up interviews. 
  • Or you may want to combine Qual and Quant in a segmentation study: Qual to identify the criteria for a segmentation analysis; then Quant methods to identify the key differences between the emerging segments.
One example of a fluid integrated approach: Our researchers developed a segmentation analysis of Young Affluent Professionals based on a Quantitative study. Once the segments were defined, we conducted in-depth video interviews with a number of the respondents to bring the interviews "to life".
Watch an excerpt from the webinar presentation of the study HERE.
You go to the trouble of choosing just the right research partner to design and conduct your critical studies. How do you know the results will have the integrity your project deserves? There are a number of criteria you can instill throughout the process --- from questionnaire to respondent selection to analysis -- to ensure your data emerges with the highest quality results.  

Watch our new VIDEO on Ensuring Data Quality HERE.
If you're currently attending the 2018 Society of Insurance Research (SIR) Annual Conference in New Orleans come s top by our booth. Meet Doris and Amy, taste one of our "almost-famous" cupcakes, and learn more about how Zeldis can help your business better manage risks and gain new customers.
In this issue, Kristina Witzling, Executive Vice President and one of the longest-serving members of the Zeldis Research team, explains how some things have changed - and some haven't - in her 13 years at the company. Read the interview  HERE and watch her video on how Qualitative research can bring insights to life HERE.
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