"Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge ." 

- Lao Tzu

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Telemedicine: Does Seeing Your Doctor-of-Choice Matter?

Would you care if you didn't see "your" doctor in a telemedicine visit? Jeff Mann, Zeldis Senior Research Director and lead researcher on our proprietary telemedicine study, wanted to know more about how this dynamic plays out in telemedicine. His findings: Telemedicine users are just as satisfied when they see a new primary care provider as those who see one they know.

Five Top Insights From the Zeldis ESG Thought Leadership Study
Our recent proprietary research delved into the attitudes of advisors and clients towards socially responsible investments. You can view a summary of the key insights: on terminology, best ways to position ESG for investors, barriers and benefits, and how advisors are underutilized in ESG consulting.

Millennials: They're Not All Alike!
Three things we've learned about Millennials in our proprietary research studies: This population segment is surprisingly diverse, they are more positive in attitude than you might expect, and there are significant differences between leading and trailing Millennials.  Learn more about what Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios found in the latest segmentation analysis of our proprietary study of the Millennial generation.

Five  Ways to Make the Most of Every Research Dollar 
Y our marketing budget may have gone up, but that doesn't make your job any easier. There are so many more aspects of marketing research to consider now, such as the influences and impacts of social networks and ubiquitous digital devices. And expectations have grown in parallel. Plus, technology has created intense pressure on timelines, reflecting the demand for seemingly instantaneous, and simultaneously evolving, results.
So getting the most insights possible from every market research dollar is as crucial as ever.

Here are five ideas from a new Zeldis Research Associates White Paper  to help you get more out of today's market research budget.
Upcoming Conferences
Long-Term Care :   The Long-Term Care insurance industry has had its share of marketing challenges recently, including overcoming public misperceptions, reaching consumers with messages that resonate and inspire action, and cultivating quality leads. Amy Rey, Zeldis Executive Vice President, joins a panel of distinguished industry experts to discuss proven marketing techniques for the current LTC product landscape, at the ILTCI Conference March 29-April 1 in Denver.
Panelists include:
Serena Finn, CVP, LTC Options, New York Life; Fred Bertsch, Sales Leader, Acxiom Healthcare & Insurance Markets; and Maria Amenta - CVP, Research, New York Life.

We'll be joining our research industry colleagues at the Quirks Event March 3-4 in Brooklyn. Look to meet up with Zeldis Vice President Leanne Storer and Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios at this always-idea-filled conference.

And Executive Vice President Amy Rey and Vice President Christine DiMeola travel to Salt Lake City for the Qualtrics X4 Conference on March 10-13. They'll be looking to learn and share their own stories of breakthrough customer experience.

Let us know if you're planning to attend either conference and want to meet up!
Zeldis Perspectives: Meet Kathrin Schumacher
Senior Research Director Kathrin Schumacher joined Zeldis Research Associates nearly five years ago, bringing a background in engineering and expertise in qualitative studies for financial instruments. We asked her how her experience in market research and at Zeldis has changed since she joined the company. Read her thoughts on innovation research, what qualities she sees as critical in a market researcher, and more   HERE .

Read the interview HERE and watch her video on using video HERE.
Watch Kathrin's webinar on 'Introduction to Qualitative Research' HERE.
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