Opening Doors to Behavioral Health:
Teletherapy’s Role in Expanding Access
In 2020 we launched our Telehealth for Behavioral Health thought leadership which was designed to understand the logistics of the move to virtual therapy. This year we explored the experiences of those who accessed treatment for the first time and used teletherapy to open the door to counseling. Twenty-four in-depth interviews were conducted among therapists and consumers to uncover the impact of teletherapy (by video, chat, text, telephone) on accessibility, effectiveness of care, health plan management, and future access to care.

Our analysis is complete, and presentations of the findings are currently underway!

Email Leanne Storer, VP or Jeff Mann, VP to schedule a readout of the findings among you and your colleagues: or As always, results are shared with greater insights to the research community at no cost.
Pet Insurance Thought Leadership Study Update
Thank you to those who attended our webinar of the findings last month. Follow Doris Kaiser on LinkedIn for a gradual release of some of the key findings from the study.

Please email Kristina Witzling, Executive VP, to schedule a presentation of the findings among just you and your colleaguesAs always, results are shared with greater insights to the research community at no cost.

FinTech v2.0: How Generation Z is Changing the
Financial Services Landscape
We are pleased to announce the completion of the qualitative phase of our FinTech thought leadership research, “FinTech version 2.0: How Generation Z is Changing the Financial Services Landscape”. Two 60 minute Zoom focus groups were conducted among 10 Gen-Zers age 18-25.

Our analysis is underway! Presentations of the findings are being scheduled for late June/early July.

Please contact Amy Rey, Executive VP, at to schedule a read out of the findings among you and your colleagues. As always, results are shared with greater insights to the research community at no cost.
The State of Specialty Insurance Report
Our client, The Hanover Insurance Company, conducted a two-phased study with Zeldis among more than 300 agents to understand the challenges and opportunities for agents when placing specialty insurance. Agents who worked with clients, obtain quotes, and made placement decisions for key specialty lines between Feb-Aug 2021 were interviewed. The Hanover was not identified as a participant or sponsor of the study.

The Hanover report confirms the unique advantages of forming strategic partnerships with a select number of carriers, while exposing the pitfalls of fragmentation when aligning and writing with multiple carriers.

Zeldis Perspectives
SIR Spring Research Presentation
Amy Rey, Executive VP presented "Qualitative Research: Methodological and Practical Considerations for the Insurance Industry" virtually during SIR’s Spring Research Workshops in late April. Thank you, Amy, for discussing how to select the best qualitative methodology for our client's research objectives!

If you missed the session, please email for a copy of the presentation or to schedule a walk-through of the findings.
Congratulations Monique!
Please join me in congratulating Monique Short on her promotion to Executive Director of Administration. Initially hired as an Administrative Assistant, Mo has grown to completely own the administrative function of our organization. She maintains full oversight of core back-office functions including HR, IT/InfoSec, facilities and legal, and serves as an advisor to the executive leadership team to ensure the company maintains a high standard of financial and operational integrity.

Welcome New Zeldis Team Members
Please welcome our three new employees! Reflective of the recent trend referred to as “The Great Resignation,” we have had some unexpected movement among our teammates as well as a need for additional Zeldi to meet our increase in demand. Kindly welcome the following new faces to Zeldis.

Cathy Geffre: Compliance Administrator
Jacob Ratnor: Senior Research Director
Jim Hyland: Research Director
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