January 25, 2019

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Introducing . . . 
Here is a screenshot of what you can find on the Zentangle Mosaic app by searching the hashtag #ratoon.

And here's one by Maria on a black Bijou tile:

We look forward to seeing what you all create with  ratoon !

Dilip Patel Zentangle TEDx Talk

We first met Dilip after he traveled from India to attend a CZT seminar. Before that we had talked and his passion for becoming a CZT was obvious. He was one of the first people to receive a scholarship to attend a CZT seminar. What he did to repay that seminar is worth retelling.

He chose to repay the scholarship by paying it forward in India. He taught Zentangle classes for free. He kept track of how much he would have charged for those classes. Only after that amount equalled the amount of the scholarship, did he begin charging. Brilliant! And a testament to his character and the type of people that are attracted to the Zentangle community.

His Zentangle work with schools, businesses and organizations helping rescued children has been the subject of numerous press articles in India.

Here is his recent TEDx talk:

Taming Minds the Zentangle Way | Dilip Patel | TEDxBMSCE
Taming Minds the Zentangle Way | Dilip Patel | TEDx

Congratulations, Dilip!

South Dakota Scholarship

Our first CZT seminar was held in February, 2009. (See some archive newsletters about that event here and here.)  People came from Hong Kong, Belgium, and 13 US states, 

Now, almost exactly 10 years later, CZTs teach the Zentangle Method in 49 of the 50 states in the USA. Every state except . . .

from Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0

South Dakota!

We want 49 to become 50 . . . so . . . we are offering a full scholarship to attend CZT Seminar #33 to someone from South Dakota. 

If you live in South Dakota and want to become a CZT to teach the Zentangle Method, we invite you to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship application is here.

If you know someone who lives in South Dakota who should know about this, please forward this newsletter.

It will be so much fun to celebrate ten years of CZT seminars by having CZTs in all 50 states.


The special South Dakota scholarship includes all supplies, food, a shared room at the Providence Biltmore where the seminar is held. It does not include transportation to and from the seminar.

Upcoming Zentangle Events in 2019

1440 Multiversity - Beyond the Basics with Martha and Molly
Come savor time to draw, connect, and untangle yourself from the habits and routines of your daily life.
Join the daughters of the Zentangle founders in beautiful Scott's Valley, California, for a weekend of deepening your understanding of the Zentangle Method and sharpen your tangling skills. Leave with gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful world and all that you can do! Molly and Martha look forward to seeing you there!

Scotts Valley, CA, USA, March 1-3 -- Register

In collaboration with 1440, Zentangle is pleased to offer 1 scholarship to attend this class. Award will cover tuition and supplies only and is for first time visitors of 1440 Multiversity Center. For information please email Martha@zentangle.com

CZT Seminar #33
Providence, RI, USA, March 31-April 3 -- Register

Kripalu: A Zentangle Weekend, with Martha, Molly, Rick and Maria
Stockbridge, MA, USA, May 3-5 -- Register

CZT-Europa Seminar #1
Frankfurt, Germany, May 9-12, Register

CZT Seminar #34
Providence, RI, USA, June 16-19 -- Register

CZT-Asia Seminar #11, June 17-20, Taiwan -- Register

1440 Multiversity - Zentangle Weekend with Rick, Maria, Martha & Molly
Scotts Valley, CA, USA, September 20-22 -- (Registration to open soon at 1440.org.)

1440 Multiversity - Zentangle Method - Beyond the Basics with Rick, Maria, Martha & Molly
Scotts Valley, CA, USA, September 22-24 -- (Registration to open soon at 1440.org.)

CZT-Europa Seminar #2
Frankfurt, Germany, November 27-30 -- Register

Recent Zentangle Blog Posts

Here are the links to blog posts since the beginning of this year:

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of this Zentangle adventure!

We look forward to what 2019 has on offer.

All our best wishes,

Rick, Maria, Martha, and Molly

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