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July 29, 2016

We are thrilled to announce a historic milestone in the Zentangle timeline . . . 

Mandarin CZT seminars in Taiwan!

We also have two more StoryBooth interviews and more delicious tidbits below.



Zentangle art is international. 

We have over 2,100 Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) in 32 countries. 

Our Zentangle Mosaic app is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. When you see the tiles displayed in the App's "Waterfall" there are no language, cultural or social barriers to communication and appreciation.

Our books are being translated into Chinese, Dutch, German and Spanish.

Our intention is to inspire a Zentangle practice for generations. So we continue to create structures to support a multi-generational vision that extends beyond an English language box.

For years, passionate and dedicated tanglers who wanted to become CZTs could not because they did not understand English well enough. We think we have solved that problem, at least for those who speak Mandarin.
First, Some Background
Last year, Maria and I traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to help promote the first translation of The Book of Zentangle, a complex Chinese version. We were the guests of the local Taiwan publisher, the Malaysian distributor and a group of local CZTs.
Maria and I gave many workshops and book-signings which were translated into Mandarin. During each event we were asked if we would give CZT training there.
Rick and Maria lecture at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei.

After hearing many requests for us to return to Taiwan and Malaysia to give training seminars, we began to think about how coming back to Asia to give seminars would impact our family and work responsibilities at home. 

While there, we could not help but notice how the Created With Love team worked together. We had been watching the dedication and exquisite attention to detail in their store. We had seen their professionalism as they arranged our various programs and events throughout Taipei and Malaysia. We knew their experience in giving hundreds of Zentangle classes already. 

So, we had an idea. We would ask the CZTs of Created With Love - Laura Liu, Diane Tai, Poni Sun, Arisa Liao and Sam Lee - what they thought about giving training seminars in Mandarin under our guidance.  As you can see, the idea was well accepted.
Practical Next Steps - "one stroke at a time"
After many months of pondering and planning we  are thrilled to announce . . .
CZT-Asia Seminars in Taiwan
October 24 - 27, 2016
November 1 - 4, 2016
NTUH International Convention Center, Taipei

All of us at Zentangle HQ and at Created With Love in Taiwan are working to make the CZT-Asia experience one that will prepare Mandarin speaking Zentangle enthusiasts to teach the Zentangle Method and Artform within their communities.
We expect that many current CZTs in Asia will attend CZT-Asia, just as we expect many CZT-Asia graduates who understand English will attend also a CZT seminar here.

We believe that CZT-Asia students will "get" the same feel and inspiration that students at our Providence CZT seminars experience. In support of that goal, the entire staff of Created With Love attended Seminars 22 and 23, taking notes, and working with us behind the scenes. We also had extensive meetings while they were in Providence.
We at Zentangle, Inc. are thrilled and proud to be working with the CWL team and all the CZTs in Asia to make this an ongoing success and method to share the benefits of the Zentangle Method throughout our world community.

Rick, Maria, Created With Love staff, and many CZTs at Created With Love's training hall.



How do I register?
Click on the seminar of your choice:

October 24 -27, 2016

November 1 - 4, 2016

How do I get more information?

10am - 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, Taiwan time

Story Booth Conversations

We are thrilled to add two more Story Booth Conversations to our series:

A Conversation with Kat Van Rooyen, CZT

A Conversation with Christine Garrott, CZT
A Conversation with Christine Garrott, CZT


Thank you so much, Kat and Christine!

You can view all our Story Booth Conversations here.

Zentangle Treats and Tidbits

Dear Rick, Maria and the team,
I would like to share with you this proud event.

This was Melaka Crowd Zentangle Event hosted at Melaka, my hometown, a small town in Malaysia on 23 July 2016 2-5pm.

There's 120 paid participants get together and drew Zentangle art together. I started this project with the help from Melaka Pay Teck School Alumni team, JCI Tropicana team and got sponsored from Sakura Malaysia.

Also I gathered 5 other CZTs in town to help - CZT 14 Riko Lee, CZT 18 Pamela Loh, CZT 18 Ho Sin Yee, CZT 20 Kamala Looi and CZT 20 Cheryl Lee.

I also invited a wise lady who's a stroke patient sharing how she got over her depression after she found the Zentangle method.

Students from aged 5 to 80. 3 generations doing Zentangle art together.

This was FUN! Even local newspaper came and interviewed.

With best regards,
Michelle Lim
CZT 14 & 18


Dear Rick and Maria,

Recently I tried to encourage a friend who was attempting to learn how  to play a musical instrument. She had no background in music -- no  previous training at all. I told her about the idea that it took 10,000  hours of practice in anything -- playing the piano, boxing, playing  chess, tennis, figure skating -- becoming truly proficient -- mastering 
any technique. She had just begun; and spent only a few hours; was  already discouraged.

It then occurred to me that her most recent (2013) endeavor into  something totally new and different was Zentangle. Within days of that  "new" creative process, she was a master, proficient and at ease with  what she was doing.

I had to think about this. This was something tanglers feel very  quickly. Sure, we are told that there are no mistakes in Zentangle, but  it has nothing to do with that really.  It has to do with the basic  strokes in Zentangle -- The dot, circle, dash, crescent and s.  When, as  adults, we arrive at the first Zentangle class we are already masters at  producing these elements -- we have been practicing these strokes since 
we first entered school. We have put in our 10,000 hours and more. We  are Masters.

You told us at the beginning that we knew the strokes and that we could  easily produce art that was beautiful and unique -- and we did. That,  dear friends, was pure genius. We don't have to be born with a talent  to become masters. What we need to do is pay attention to the  techniques and practice, practice, practice.  

I have, looking back, mastered many things in my life. Applying a  previous mastery to Zentangle has been one of the great joys of my life.  You gave me that.  Thank you.

Joy Taylor -- CZT 11 - 15 - 19

Linda Farmer, CZT, of Tangle Patterns just published a blog about the tangle sampson. Sampson was created by Nancy Sampson, a long time employee who left us after an extended battle with ALS. Take a moment to read it and follow the link to our blog about "Nancy's Voice Box."


WoW! I just want to say I L-O-V-E your new Zentangle Mosaic app. it is beautiful! 

The brains behind this app is extraordinary! There is so much beautiful artwork to share with like minded people around the world, what a terrific way to see how other cultures view And manipulate their artwork! 

I will be subscribing! Please keep up the terrific job you've been doing I appreciate all of the lengthy time, and work you have done to get to this point! Bravo! 

Thank you, Dawn

Thank you for sharing this milestone moment with us. For local details or for Chinese language emails, please email  [email protected].
Thank you all for being part of this amazing Zentangle adventure!

Rick, Maria, Bijou and all of us here at Zentangle

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