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New Tangle: dewd
Project Pack #01 Details
Project Pack #02 - The 12 Days of Zentangle
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zenAgain 2018 Registration
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November 11, 2017

There's l ots of exciting items in this CZT newsletter:
  • 2018 zenAgain registration is open!
  • New tangle -- dewd
  • Project Pack #1 details
  • Advance notice for Project Pack #2 (this year's "Twelve days of Zentangle" event)
  • FAQ for our new website
So, pour yourself some tea and get comfy. Take your time reading this. We don't want you to miss anything.


New Tangle: dewd

Yes we have a new tangle! We introduce it in one of our Project Pack #01 videos. 

We want to give CZTs a few days to play with it prior to the videos going live. 

We kindly ask that you refrain from posting any of your tiles with  dewd  until Saturday when we release the videos. 

Thank you!
dewd sample

Project Pack #01 Details

We are very excited about sharing this new series with you all. The video content for Project Pack #01 will be released in a newsletter this Saturday, November 11. 

For this Project Pack, all videos will be released on the same day. They will remain available for you to watch over and over again at your convenience. 

We wanted to give CZTs a heads up to the titles and lengths of each video now in case so you were planning to use any of them with a group or in a class. They are listed in our recommend order but feel free to skip around if you like. Some people may want to watch a video once first and then tangle along the second time. 
  • Project Pack #01 - Warm up 
    • Materials Used - Black Bijou Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal Pencil, Graphite Pencil*
    • Video Length - 15:59
  • Project Pack #01 - Dewd
    • Materials Used - Black 3.5" Square Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal Pencil, Graphite Pencil*
    • Video Length - 7:54
  • Project Pack #01 - Bales
    • Materials Used - Black Apprentice Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal Pencil, Tortillion
    • Part 1 Video Length - 7:29
    • Part 2 Video Length - 5:13
  • Project Pack #01 - Striping
    • Materials Used - Black Pre-strung Zendala Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal Pencil, Graphite Pencil*
    • Video Length - 10:45
  • Project Pack #01 - Crescent Moon
    • Materials Used - Black Square 3.5" Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal
    • Video Length - 13:59
  • Project Pack #01 - Paradox
    • Materials Used - Black 3z Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal
    • Video Length - 12:57
  • Project Pack #01  - Pokeleaf
    • Materials Used - Renaissance Square 3.5" Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal, Graphite Pencil*
    • Video Length - 8:20
  • Project Pack #01 - Crazy Huggins
    • Materials Used - Black Apprentice Tile, White Gelly Roll Pens, White Charcoal, Graphite Pencil*
    • Video Length - 28:14

* Please note: Some of the videos use a graphite pencil. This is not included in the Project Pack. Although you can follow along with out one, we recommend having one. Any graphite pencil will work. 

Project Pack #02 - The 12 Days of Zentangle

Yes, so soon we know, but the timing is just perfect for this next one. 

It's that time of year again for our end of year  12 Days of Zentangle. And it's a perfect opportunity for a Project Pack. 

Project Pack #02 is NOT available for purchase yet, but we wanted to give you all a heads up for some of the details and a rough timeline so you can plan around it. 


Project Pack #2 includes all the tangling supplies to tangle along with us for our 2017 12 days of Zentangle series. 

The 12 days of Zentangle has become our annual tangling tradition that playfully uses the Twelve Days of Christmas format to lead us through 12 consecutive days of tangling together. 

Each year has had a different theme. Check out some of our past years here: 
This year's theme will be a metaphorical stroll down memory lane. Each day in the series we will visit moments in Zentangle history as we reminisce about the tiles, the tangles, and the techniques of the past while creating things completely new.  Each lesson will explore different tiles and tools and guide you through the creation of your own tangled masterpieces. 

Although this series has a festive Holiday flair, it is non-denominational and the lessons are pure Zentangle. We welcome you to join us regardless of your traditions. It is too much fun to tangle along with this beautiful Zentangle community.

Because of the "12 Days" format of this series, we will create 12 videos. Each day a new video will be posted for the full 12 days. The videos will remain available for an extended period on YouTube to be watched again and again at your convenience.

* Please note that Project Packs are a convenient way to get the supplies used in the lessons. They are not required to tangle along on these videos. Supplies you already own can be used. The supplies used in each video will be noted at the start of each video lesson.

Retail: $32.95
CZT (6-Pack):  $155.70


Project Pack #02 will become available for purchase in mid November. We will notify you via newsletter as soon as it is available.

FAQ for New Website

Thank you so much for your patience as we transition to the new and websites. 

As we add to our list of FAQs from CZTs, we post them on the CZT RESOURCES section of Please take a look in case you are having the same question! 

If we have not answered your question here, please email


Q: What is the difference between and

A: is new website that handles registration for all Zentangle hosted events. 

This is also the site that hosts the CZT Directory and CZT forum. The new will remain the site where you shop for Zentangle products, access CZT resources (lesson plans, downloads, logos, etc) and where people can learn about the Zentangle method. 

Each website has its own separate login and are they are not synced. You may find it helpful to use the same email/password on each site. Please remember that if you update one, it will not update the other one. 


Q: How do I update my CZT profile on 

A: Follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Login"
  3. If it is your first time logging into, follow the prompt at the at the top of the page and "click here" 
  4. Enter your email associated with your account on 
  5. Check your email for further instructions. Obtain your "key" and follow the link in the email to set a new password
  6. Update your CZT profile (be sure to click "update" at the bottom of the page to save your changes!) If you have already gone through steps 3-5, you can login to your account and update your profile from the Dashboard. 

Q: I updated my profile on but none of my contact information is showing up? 

A: When editing your CZT profile, please select "Display in List with Contact Info?" 


Q: How do I access my CZT account on 

A: You should have received an email from with an account invitation to activate your new account on Please follow the directions in that email to activate your account. Please take a moment to verify your personal details. 


Q: How do I access CZT resources? 

A: Once you are logged in as a CZT on, you will see the "CZT RESOURCES" menu option at the top of each page next to LEARN, SHOP AND SHARE. 


Q: How do I buy bulk products? 

A: For many items which CZTs can purchase in bulk (example: micron pens, branded bags), the bulk options are available as a "size" option on the product. 

For example, there is only one product page for a Black Pigma Micron 01 pen. As a CZT, you can select "Single" or "Box of 12" from the drop down menu. 

Note: Bulk tiles are available as their own product and not a size variant. 

zenAgain logo
zenAgain 2018 Registration is Open!

From the moment the dust settled after our inaugural zenAgain reunion in 2016, we knew we had to begin planning our next. The gift of gathering together with our treasured CZTs from around the world is once again upon us with the the opening of registration for zenAgain 2018. 

In our first zenAgain we got our "wings" . . . in this coming zenAgain, we are already planting seeds for all the wonderful classes, demonstrations and activities we will share together.

zenAgain 2018 is only for CZTs and will be held at the Providence Biltmore Hotel on 
November 4-7, 2018
Registration will be similar to CZT seminars. You have your choice of Private or Shared lodging in the Biltmore or you can make your own lodging arrangements and register as a Day-only participant.  

Please  wait  to book your extra nights at the hotel or book plane tickets until you complete the registration process and receive your welcome email with further instructions. 

Each option below has a limited number of spots available. If you receive a "wait list" email you may try another option. Any questions along the way you can email Martha at

When registering you will be asked to pay a $250.00 non-refundable registration fee that will serve to hold your spot until balance is due. Payment in full is due by check within 60 days from your registration. An invoice reflecting your registration payment will be emailed with your due date. For those who cannot make this payment all at once or if you are living outside the USA please email Martha for further instructions.

To register:
  • Please make sure you updated your profile (see above).
  • Please use your computer to register, not a mobile device.
The zenAgain 2018 registration link is here

Your choices and prices are:
  • Full Program and Meals (no lodging) - $1,595.00
  • Full Program, Meals and Shared Room - $1,850.00
  • Full Program, Meals and Private Room - $2,075.00
Please note (and appreciate!) that these prices include everything except travel, transfers and parking. It covers all meals, refreshments, supplies, special events, taxes, and tips. 

If you are interested in re-attending CZT seminar, you will notice that CZT #32 is one week before zenAgain 2018!

We will have our delicious Zentangle Store waiting for you, BUT there is nothing you need to buy once you get here. Just relax, renew and rejoice with like-minded friends and family!

Thank You!


Thank you for your comments and suggestions about our new website.

We enjoyed a (relatively) painless switch and, thanks to your feedback, are tweaking and polishing things that you brought to our attention.

If you missed all the excitement and have not updated your account(s) or your personal CZT page, please see this newsletter for the instructions.

What an exciting time!

We are thrilled to be sharing it with you.

Best from us all,
Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly and the whole Zentangle team

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