November 16, 2018

Can it be that time of year again already?

We've got our Twelve Days of Zentangle wrapped and ready to go. We think you will have lots of fun with this year's treat.

Read on to see what we're planning and learn how to join the fun.


12 Days of Zentangle - Project Pack No. 04

Maria always has these fanciful ideas she comes up with in the middle of the night. One day, months ago, she told us about an idea to create a spinner covered with tangles. This would help people choose what tangles to do next. Well before we knew it, there were spinner parts and prototypes all over the dining room table. It was obvious that this would be our next project pack. What a fun way to create something beautiful, useful, and that would also serve as a way for us to learn some new tangles and revisit some familiar ones. 

This year the "12 Days of Zentangle" will coincide with Project Pack #04 and we are thrilled to have this project pack now available!  

We will begin our celebration of the 12 Days of Zentangle on December 3, 2018. We release a video a day, one for each of the twelve sections which we will tangle together to fill the spinner.
Project Pack No. 04 includes all the tangling supplies you will need to tangle along with us as we create a playful project we call a Tangle Spinner. This tangled masterpiece will display a variety of your favorite tangles and also act as a fun way to choose what tangle to use next when creating with the Zentangle Method. 
This project includes a custom made template* designed by Zentangle HQ and printed on the same paper as our white tiles. It also includes the mechanical spinner parts to make it come alive. 

Enjoy following along our multiple mini-video tutorials using your Project Pack No. 04 supplies, as we guide you through how to create a Tangle Spinner, and how to make it a playful addition to your practice.

This Project Pack will focus on taking individual tangles, fragments and borders to create a fun, interactive work of art. 



*The Spinner card is copyrighted and may not be reproduced.


Thank you!

We trust you will enjoy this project pack. 

We'll send out a reminder to all when it is about to begin.

See you soon!

Best from us all,
Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly and the whole Zentangle team

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