November 23, 2018

The Zentangle Method begins and ends in gratitude.

With the season of gratitude upon us, let us celebrate and appreciate the artists you have all become.

We have been working throughout the year on new items to add to your creative journey and to share the Zentangle Method with others.  


"Tangles of Comfort and Joy"

When you give Zentangle gifts this year, adorn it with a custom gift tag by Maria and Rick.
All orders from now until December 25th will include one gift tag. 

If you need more than one, please specify in the notes section of your order.

Zentangle Primer Vol 1 - Softcover

Zentangle Primer Vol 1 is now available in softcover! 
Zentangle Primer Vol 1 - Softcover
Same great book, now in softcover. 
(Choose "Softcover" as the "Cover" option on the ordering page)
Zentangle Primer Pack Vol 1
A perfect combination of tools and instruction for someone just starting their Zentangle journey. 
This Primer Pack includes: 
  • Softcover Zentangle Primer Vol 1 by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
  • 21 Square White Tiles 
  • Mini drawstring pouch with 1 Micron PN, 1 Micron 01, 1 mini-pencil, 1 tortillion, and one KUM sharpener.
Reticula and Fragments Book

The idea for this book and most of the content originated at our first zenAgain gathering in 2016.  
This book contains over 600 examples of "Reticula and Fragments" drawn by Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) from around the world that were created at a gathering in Rhode Island, USA, in 2016. We trust that these examples will inspire you to explore the countless creative combinations Zentangle's "Reticula and Fragments" approach has to offer. 
All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Zentangle Foundation. The Zentangle Foundation helps make the Zentangle Method accessible to more people across the globe by offering scholarships for Zentangle teacher training, supporting studies of the benefits of the Zentangle Method, and by supporting Zentangle outreach to underserved communities worldwide.
Hats Off to Haeckel

Earlier this year, Maria created a beautiful tangled piece of art that was inspired by the art of Ernst Haeckel. Rick and Maria have a deep love for the art of nature and the way geometry plays a significant role in nature. Haeckel's work brings light to this and is a wonder to explore. We decided to make a print of this piece for others to enjoy but then decided it would make a beautiful silk scarf ... so we did that too. 
"Hats Off to Haeckel" - Fine Art Print 

This beautiful Giclée print, covered with original Zentangle art by Maria, and photographed and printed by Rick, was inspired by the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. Get lost in how this tangled artwork plays with nature, Fibonacci spirals and alluring colors.  This print measures 15" x 22".

"Hats Off to Haeckel" - Silk Scarf 
Stunning reproduction of Maria's Haeckel-inspired print cover this beautiful silk scarf.
100% silk scarf measures 36"x36" and features a hand rolled hem.
Zentangle RootZ - Fine Art Print

This beautiful Giclée print, covered with original Zentangle art by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, was created specifically for our 2018 zenAgain gathering of Certified Zentangle Teachers. 
The theme of this event was the Tangled Path.    We explored Zentangle inspired techniques, processes, and metaphors that took us through gardens, studying and exploring things such as seeds, roots, and blossoms. 
This print measures 17" x 22".
"Z" Tee Shirt

We are pleased to offer you our new long  sleeve tee shirt. It is a graphic gem with the back covered with a large embedded letter and "Z". It is a cozy cotton, faded green shirt. Available in unisex  sizes Small to 3XL

This super soft long-sleeved shirt is 100% ringspun cotton that is preshrunk, soft-washed, and garment-dyed for a lived in comfort you can only get from that favorite shirt in your drawer. 

We have chosen a soothing seafoam green color with an oversized embedded letter "Z" in black ink on the back and our classic red square logo on the front left chest. The perfect gift for the Zentangle Enthusiast in your life!

Upcoming Zentangle Events

Kripalu in December
Warm up your winter at a Zentangle workshop!


In one of Zentangle HQ's rare teaching engagements, we are once again invited presenters at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Western Massachusetts. Join Molly and Martha on December 14-16, 2018, for a "Zentangle Weekend" at one of the most delightful retreat centers around.

Zentangle Weekend Info and Registration here.


Thank You . . .

. . . for sharing this exciting and wonderful adventure with us
and with tanglers all over the world at this time of thanksgiving. 

Thank you for being the artist that you are.

We all look forward to tangling with you in our upcoming Project Pack No. 04* that follows along with our end-of-year Twelve Days tradition which we announced in this newsletter.

With all our best wishes,

The crew at Zentangle HQ


* You can enjoy our Project Pack Series on our YouTube channel's Project Pack Playlist for free including Project Pack No. 02 from last year's Twelve Days series.

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