November 25, 2017

During one of our favorite times of the year, Thanksgiving, we extend our warm thoughts and gratitude to you as part of this amazing global Zentangle community.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote, "Beauty will save the world." With that in mind (and in heart) we extend our humble thanks to each of you as you bring your beauty into this world, "one stroke at a time"!

As this traditional season of appreciation and gift-giving begins, we offer some seasonal specials and reminders below.


"Tangles of Comfort and Joy"

When you give Zentangle gifts this year, adorn it with a custom gift tag by Maria and Rick.
All orders from now until December 25th will include one gift tag. 

If you need more than one, please specify in the notes section of your order.

New Products

In our Project Pack 01 we celebrated the NEW Sakura Gelly Roll pens. We had so much fun using these pens that we have made them available for purchase individually! 

Gelly Roll Fine 05
Sakura's Gelly Roll® Classic white pens are the perfect tool for working on both our black and Renaissance Zentangle tiles or even for use in layers over black ink on our white tiles. You will love how this archival white gel ink flows across the paper. For best results, just tickle the paper with this pen. It is amazing how little pressure it takes for wonderful results. 

Enjoy its amazing precision and ability to create intricate detail in your Zentangle art.
Single: $1.49 
Gelly Roll Bold 10
Sakura's Gelly Roll® Classic white pens are the perfect tool for working on both our black and Renaissance Zentangle tiles or even for use in layers over black ink on our white tiles. 
This pen is biggest in the white Gelly Roll line. The bold nib lays down an extra thick creamy line of gel ink. Enjoy how you can fill and draw with this pen in your Zentangle art.

Single : $1.49


We have also decided to add some of the other Gelly Roll pens to our store. Sakura's Gelly Roll sets are filled with creamy, smooth, opaque ink that is so fun to add some pizazz to your Zentangle Art. These pens are great for white or tan tiles and really snap on our black tiles.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Dawn 06
Pack of five pens includes fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, fluorescent pink and fluorescent green. The fluorescents glow under a black light source, popping the colors right off the paper.


Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Dusk 06
Pack of five pens includes red, rose, purple, green and blue. The fluorescents glow under a black light source, popping the colors right off the paper. The pens in this set are archival.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Metallic Medium 
Pack of five pens includes gold, silver, blue, emerald, and purple. This set of archival pens are filled with sparkly, vibrant, gel ink. Have fun seeing how tangles change as light reflects off the metallic ink. 


NEW -- Pigma® Micron® PN

This pen was delightful surprise for all of us here at Zentangle HQ. 
At first we though, "A micron with a plastic nib?" But then once we tried it, we were more than thrilled with the user experience. 
It has the same forgiving, durable nib of the Apprentice pen which allows for interesting pressure exploration. 
It is awesome for those that may have trouble using the micron nib but still desire the more luxurious pen barrel of the micron. We liked it so much that we decided to get some to see what you all thought too.

Pigma® Micron® PN 
The newest pen to the Micron family. Designed for durability but with that same special attention to performance. This pen has a durable Plastic Nib (PN) and provides skip-free writing. A fine or medium line width (0.4mm to 0.5mm) can be achieved, based on your personal writing pressure. The polyacetal nib structure allows for smooth ink-flow whether writing fast or slow, for right or left handed users, and for writing at an angle. These pens are ideal for use on any of our Zentangle paper tiles. This Pigma® Micron® PN set of six pens includes black, red, blue black, sepia, rose, and purple. Pigma®  ink is archival.

6-Pack (Six different colors): $17.39
Single Black Pen: $2.89  


Zentangle Mosaic T-shirt


We designed this t-shirt for our most recent CZT seminars. They were a huge hit so we ordered more to share with all of you!


This light teal, tri-blend, short sleeve, unisex t-shirt is perfect for the avid tangler. Show your participation in the global Zentangle community. Front of shirt reads, " Part of the worldwide Zentangle Mosaic." The back of the shirt is a graphic of a Zentangle tile mosaic.

Available in XS through 3XL

Tangle Along with us for  the
Twelve Days of Zentangle!
Project Pack #02

The 12 days of Zentangle has become our annual tangling tradition that playfully uses the Twelve Days of Christmas song to lead us through 12 consecutive days of tangling together. 

This year's theme will be a metaphorical stroll down Zentangle's memory lane. Each day in the series we will visit moments in Zentangle history as we reminisce about the tiles, tangles, and techniques of the past while creating something completely new.  
Each Project Pack #02 is filled with tiles and tools to delight and inspire you!
Each lesson will explore different tiles and tools and guide you through the creation of your own tangled masterpieces. 
We welcome you to join us regardless of your traditions. It is too much fun to tangle along with this beautiful Zentangle community at this special time of year.
Because of the "12 Days" format of this series, we will create 12 videos. Each day a new video will be posted for the full series. The videos will remain available for an extended period on YouTube so you can watch them again and again at your convenience.
We will begin our "12 Days" on Monday, December 11. 
Project Packs are a convenient way to get the supplies used in the lessons, but they are not required to tangle along on these videos. Supplies you already own can be used. The supplies used in each video will be noted at the start of each video lesson. [And if you adapt a lesson to tangling on the beach at low tide -- we want pictures!]

Project Pack #02: $32.95


Project Pack #01

If you missed the fun in Project Pack #01, find it here along with a link to nine YouTube instructional videos for Project Pack #02. 

If you want to see what tanglers around the world created, you can see that for free on Zentangle Mosaic (app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone).

Project Pack #01: $19.95


Upcoming Zentangle Events

Kripalu in December
Warm up your winter at a Zentangle workshop!


In one of Zentangle HQ's rare teaching engagements, we are once again invited presenters at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Western Massachusetts. Join Molly and Martha on December 15-17, 2017, for a "Zentangle Weekend" at one of the most delightful retreat centers around.

Zentangle Weekend Info and Registration here.


Thank You . . .

. . . for sharing this exciting and wonderful adventure with us
and with tanglers all over the world at this time of thanksgiving.

We all look forward to tangling with you in our upcoming Project Pack #02 series that follows along with our end-of-year Twelve Days tradition.

With all our best wishes,

The crew at Zentangle HQ

© 2017 Zentangle, Inc.