July 13, 2018

Please join us as we welcome our new friends from CZT #30!

Every class is unique and wonderful with its own personality. In this class, we set a new milestone with more people attending from outside the United States than from within the United States! 

Zentangle is certainly a global phenomenon. It creates a common language of pattern and beauty where all can meet and share and which transcends our different languages and backgrounds. It is so exciting to watch that continue to grow and unfold.

Enjoy the links images and stories below as you get a flavor of CZT #30.

And welcome to all who joined us from around this beautiful planet!


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Zentangle CZT #30

What an uplifting and energizing time we had at our CZT #30 seminar. It is such a privilege and joy for us to meet and make friends with so many wonderful people from . . . 






Hong Kong 












. . . with each one sharing and appreciating a common language of pattern and beauty.

Not only was this the first time that a majority of the class was from outside the US, the seeds of an organized and comprehensive research program were planted with the generous and professional assistance of Dr. Mukesh Patel, a research and teaching psychiatrist. To underscore that moment, many attendees were teachers, professional caregivers and wellness experts. The stories and experiences people shared were profound and inspiring.

For those wishing to connect with this Zentangle research collaboration, please email: research@zentanglefoundation.org.

Classes, as always, were a balanced mix of teaching and tangling . . .

. . . and the many mosaics were beautiful and moving.

As always, we invited attendees to bring some of their Zentangle creations to share in the student gallery and share they did! Here are just a few examples:

A Few Zentangle CZT #30 Comments

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the depth of my soul.  Coming to the seminar was the greatest gift I have given myself in ages.  As a single mom on a teacher's salary, I had to think long and hard about spending that kind of money on myself.  It was worth every penny!  Hearing your stories first hand, following your direction as you led us thru the classes, and living and breathing Zentangle from dawn to dusk was the kind of experiential learning that I love. 
As an ADHD/Executive Function Coach, I was particularly drawn to how the 8 steps to the Zentangle Method can be brought into the real world as we tackle tasks and/or challenges with gratitude, clear boundaries, and appreciation for a job well done.  One stroke at a time.

I just taught my first Basic Class.  It was amazing!  I had 9 students (all but one older than me haha).  And 7 of them already signed up for my next class.  I asked them to fill out a survey for me and I want to share a few of their comments.  

Q:  If you were to write a short testimonial about this workshop, what would it say?

K.B. wrote:  You are so creative, gracious and loving as a teacher/mentor, it was a treat to learn this beautiful system from her. Kudos to Rick and Maria for sharing the PEACE!!

S.C. wrote:  Absolutely loved the teaching method and the creation of community.  Books and websites are nice, but don't hold a candle to a group learning together from a talented teacher.

C.L. wrote:  I've wanted to do this for a long time but couldn't figure out how to start.  I was completely overwhelmed.  Now I know how to start.  So happy!  Can't wait for the next one.

On this coming Monday, 14 teachers from my school are coming together to support me at a Wine and Tangle launch party. I've discovered that Chardonnay makes a much better "stain/string" than Manishevitz.  Heehee I'll get some pictures up on facebook.  

Thank you again for sharing so much of yourselves in all that you gave me at CZT30 so that I can bring Zentangle to my small corner of the world.

With much gratitude, appreciation, and love,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   I finally found the missed piece I need to find.   --KT

Beyond my expectations . . . I'm humbled by your immense generosity of time, materials and spirits. "Thank you" doesn't cut it. It has been a highlight of my life.   Merci infiniment!  -- JG

The whole experience has been magical. I have never been to a seminar with so much love, inspiration and attention to details. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  -- ED

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Thank you!

Thank you to all our new friends who joined us at CZT #30. We look forward to hearing about and seeing all the wonderful creations and experiences you discover with your students.

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With all best wishes,

All of us at Zentangle HQ

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