July 20, 2018

Please join us as we welcome our new friends from CZT #31!

Once again it was our privilege to meet and make friends with tanglers from all over the world. We think that everyone who attended felt the same way. 

This seminar offered another "first" with the presence of representatives from the providers of three key Zentangle Method components: paper, pencil and pen . . . more about that below.

Enjoy the links images (Rick took more pictures this time!) and stories below as you get a flavor of CZT #31.

And welcome to all who joined us from around this beautiful planet!


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Zentangle CZT #31!

CZT 31 was attended by people from . . .  

Hong Kong 
The Netherlands
South Korea
United Arab Emirates 
United Kingdom 
United States 


Once again we are reminded that the common language of pattern and beauty knows no boundaries of age, custom, or country.

This was an exciting class with one of the youngest and oldest CZTs, along with family and neighbors. Also attending was a wide range of backgrounds and interests ranging from quilters to sound engineers, from designers to research scientists, from health care professionals to retirees looking to give back to their communities. It was a wonderful gathering.

Pierre Giudetti represents Fabriano papers. Fabriano is the oldest continuing running paper mill in the world, still running after over 750 years in central Italy. Pierre gave a presentation about how and where our beautiful "Tiepolo" paper, that we use for our tiles, is made.

After Pierre's talk, we invited some other guests to the stage for a historic photo:

Next to Maria is Pierre, then Kate Vanoncini. Kate owns and manages General Pencil, the oldest (and only) pencil manufacturer in the United States. General Pencil supplies all our graphite, white charcoal and watercolor pencils.

Between Kate and Rick is "Turtle Wayne" (an artist who almost exclusively draws turtles!). Wayne was at #31 as the representative of Sakura of America which has provided all our pens since the very first days of Zentangle.

We are particularly thrilled that these three people could be together with us at the same time as they represent the key three ingredients . . . paper, pencil and pen . . . of the Zentangle Method. Each one is a CZT and all are close personal friends.


The student gallery overflowed with Zentangle Inspired Art and tiles:

A Few Zentangle CZT #31 Comments

Not only was this a fabulous experience, it was wonderful too meet everyone and understand the people behind Zentangle . . . a pleasure as well as a blessing! Thank you so much -- for everything!   -- LS


Once again i would like to thank each and every one of you for the amazing seminar.  It was as smooth as melted butter and so joyful!  -- CB


Dear Martha,
Thanks so much for all of your work coordinating our wonderful training!  I had a fantastic time and have already booked a series of 4 classes at a local fabric arts class!   

You said you felt it was an unlikely thing that  you would end up to teaching art....I'm in the same boat....my sister was always the artist, well....here I am.  I am booked to teach and others are interested!   The woman who has this shop was amazed when I showed her my journal from CZT training!  

I believe this training has been the inspiration I needed to move things forward!!  

Thanks to you and your family!   -- GB


I just want to thank you for [this] amazing opportunity.

I went with my heart open and a smile and came back with my heart full and my mind so inspired that I feel that I have to share my knowledge as soon as I am able.

The days spent with so many like-minded people was a balm that I had no idea I needed so much.  I tried to mingle and meet as many people as I could and each encounter was a source of joy and enlightenment.   We all came from different backgrounds and places, but we all spoke the same language.  

I also want to  praise all the Zentangle Crew for being so helpful, kind and patient.  All the small details did not go unnoticed.  From the flowers on the tables, to the little banners on the donuts, it was all delightful!   -- EA

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Thank you!

Thank you to all our new friends who joined us at CZT #31. We look forward to hearing about and seeing all the wonderful creations and experiences you discover with your students.

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With all best wishes,

All of us at Zentangle HQ

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