September 23, 2018

Please welcome our new friends and CZTs who attended CZT-Asia #9, the first CZT training seminar held in Shanghai!

This is an exciting step and we are humbled and thrilled to see the faces of people a world away who appreciate and wish to share the benefits of a Zentangle practice with others.


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Welcome CZTs of CZT-Asia #9!

This event was the first CZT-Asia seminar in Shanghai, China . . . such a humbling and meaningful milestone!

We are so proud to welcome and introduce these new CZTs to our Zentangle community. It will be exciting to watch throughout the years how the sharing of the Zentangle Method unfolds within China.

Here are a few pictures from that event.


CZT-Asia #10 in Shanghai Coming Up!

There will be one more CZT-Asia seminar in Shanghai, China this year. Our friends at Created With Love and their team of awesome CZTs will lead this event.

Please take advantage of this excellent opportunity to discover your creative potential AND help other people discover theirs!
Register here:

CZT-Asia Seminar #10 - December 16-19 in Shanghai, China 

Zentangle Class in Hong Kong Office

Vivian Chan, CZT, who attended CZT-Asia 2, teaches the Zentangle Method in her stressful Hong Kong office. We enjoyed her description in our Zentangle Mosaic app of her classes so much we wanted to share it with you.

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Thank you!

Thank you and welcome again to all the new CZTs in China from CZT-Asia #9!

We look forward to the possibility of meeting you and to working with you throughout the coming years. We look forward to hearing about and seeing all the wonderful creations and experiences you discover with your students.

With all best wishes,

Rick, Maria, and all of us at Zentangle HQ

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