December 21 , 2018

Thank you for being part of our 2018.

As we look forward to the coming year, we want to share a video with you that is a wonderful inspiration about the importance and value of Beauty.


Why Beauty Matters

One of the lessons we continue to learn from applying the Zentangle Method to our day to day lives is that each stroke, each step, each word, can be done in the direction of Beauty.

Maybe you think your individual strokes are not that beautiful; maybe you do. Either way, you always have the ability to make them as beautiful as you can at the moment you make them. 

Last year, Maria broke her left wrist. As part of her recovery, she tangled with her injured hand (She is right-handed.) While the tile looked quite different than one she could tangle with her right hand, she discovered that her sense of relaxed focus and enjoyment were similar to when she tangles with her right hand. As difficult and painful as each stroke was, she did each one with an intention that it be as beautiful as she could make it at that moment.

One of our greatest joys is to see the beauty that tanglers add to this world. We see it in their art. We also hear about the changes in their lives that come from choosing to make each moment, each step, each stroke in the direction of Beauty.

We recently watched this BBC documentary, Why Beauty Matters. We are pleased to share it with you as it speaks so strongly to the importance of Beauty and, in our opinion, to the value that tanglers bring to the world. 

It's about an hour long and something worth watching as we begin to enter a new year. 

Why Beauty Matters - Por que a beleza importa
Why Beauty Matters 

We look forward to seeing how you will make your world more beautiful, one word, one step, one stroke at a time.

Thank you!

Thank you again for a wonderful 2018. 

We look forward to 2019 and the opportunity to create even more Beauty.

From our hearts, to you and your families, all our best wishes at this holiday season and for a happy 2019!

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly, and all the Zentangle staff

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