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August 15, 2017

We trust you are enjoying your summer (or winter)!

In this newsletter we remind you about our California Tangling workshops and we share the stepout for spoken, a new tangle.

And there's more!


California Tangling!
Two Zentangle Workshops with Rick, Maria, Molly & Martha

A few seats remain for our first California Zentangle workshops with Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha.
We are honored to be invited presenters at the highly anticipated opening this year of  1440 Multiversity in California.

1440 Multiversity is a new school in Santa Cruz County, California that offers teachable skills for better living. It's a place where you can choose your path to a better life-on purpose, with practice. 

We will offer two different Zentangle programs:
  • A Zentangle Weekend, and
  • Zentangle Beyond Basics
We are excited to present the Zentangle Method on their brand new campus.  

See you there!

A Zentangle Weekend

Zentangle Beyond Basics

New Tangle: spoken

At recent CZT seminars, we unveiled a new tangle that we named "spoken" . . . I think you'll understand why. This is a tangle that Maria has been playing around with for a while which is inspired by the pattern made from bicycle wheel spokes.

Like many tangles, this one looks complex, but it is quite simple. 

Here's the step-out:
Spoken stepout
And here are some examples spoken in Maria's accent!
spoken sample
spoken samples
spoken sample
spoken sample
spoken samples 

Remember when you post your spoken tiles on the Zentangle Mosaic app, use the hashtag #spoken .

You can search the Zentangle Mosaic app to see what other tanglers are creating with this new tangle. Just download the free version of the app and search for " #spoken"!

We look forward to seeing what you create with this new tangle.


Sound generated patterns

In this video demonstration, a salt covered surface arranges itself in different patterns that resonate with different frequencies of sound.

While there are many YouTubes of this technique, this one gives additional insights that may not be obvious in all the other productions.

As you watch, notice how:
  • When a pitch that creates a pattern holds steady, the grains of salt all seem to be alive and dancing.
  • When the pitch changes, the salt grains stop moving. It may look like the same pattern, but it is no longer "alive" and vibrating.
  • As a new resonant pitch approaches, the salt begins to dance and dissolve the previous static pattern.
  • Before the resonant pitch for the next pattern is reached, much of the salt is in a confused mess until suddenly, at the next resonant pitch, the salt grains snap to attention in a new pattern.
Enjoy watching these patterns form. Many of them are great inspirations for new fragments.

You may also enjoy the metaphors these patterns and ther transitions offer. For instance, noticed that the focused beauty of each patter is preceded by apparent confusion and disorganization.

Here's the video. (They recommend turning down your volume.)


Article: Tapping the Creative Brain

We saw an interesting article in Parade Magazine last Sunday.

The author wrote that dementia "can bring right brain creative impulses that have always been present, but dormant, to the fore" and how some people also "loose the inhibitions and 'judgy' parts of the brain that once might have silenced their inner artist."

The article reminded us of so many stories we hear about people's response to practicing the Zentangle Method. Not only can the Zentangle Method benefit people in various stages of dementia . . . it can enable people to express their creativity without self-criticism at any time in their life!

Read the whole article here


Thank you for being part of this Zentangle adventure of sharing your creativity with all of us!

With all our Best Wishes,

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly, and all of us at Zentangle

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