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February 14, 2017

Once upon a time circa 1850, Esther Howland, a native of Worcester, Massachusetts (about 15 minutes from our home) started a small business in her spare bedroom and created the first commercially produced Valentine's Day cards in America.

As another small Worcester area family business (also begun in a spare bedroom!) we are excited to add our contributions to this Valentine's Day tradition including . . . 
  • A new tangle: waybop (with link to a bonus step-out!)
  • Awesome Valentine's Day tangles and mosaics
  • California Dreaming! -- Zentangle workshops with Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha in Santa Cruz County
  • And more.


New Tangle: waybop

Here is a super fun new tangle that we recently developed. We call it waybop. (Long story about its name . . . we'll tell you later!)

This tangle generates a delightful over/under effect and it can be as boldly stark or as deliciously embellished as you fancy.

Here are a few reasons we LOVE this tangle:
  • You can tangle it with one elemental stroke: a curve
  • Its structure is based on auraing and hollibaugh techniques
  • Each step along the way is beautiful
  • It really helps to rotate your tile as you tangle this
  • It's awesome to shade
  • It looks super complicated but it's easy to tangle
Have fun with this one!

The trick is always to begin with an even number of "seeds."

If you subscribe to Zentangle Mosaic, check out the Kitchen Table Tangle video we posted Friday (February 10) of Maria tangling this tile: and

And . . .

You can find the bonus step-out for this Valentine's waybop . . .

. . . at our companion Blog post here (See link below).

California Tangling!
Two Zentangle Workshops with Rick, Maria, Molly & Martha

Later this year, Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha will hit the road and travel West to California to give two Zentangle workshops! 

We are pleased to be invited presenters at the highly anticipated opening of  1440 Multiversity in California.

1440 Multiversity is a new school in Santa Cruz County, California that offers teachable skills for better living. It's a place where you can choose your path to a better life-on purpose, with practice. 

We will offer two different Zentangle programs:
  • A Zentangle Weekend, and
  • Zentangle Beyond Basics
We are so fortunate to be among an acclaimed cast of teachers and to present the Zentangle Method on their brand new campus.  

1440 Multiversity is handling all the registrations and the links to register are below.

A Zentangle Weekend

Zentangle Beyond Basics


1440 Multiversity looks like an absolutely beautiful place. 
We are excited at the possibility of seeing you there!

But Wait . . . There's More!

Hi Maria,

I have never submitted any Zentangle artwork to you so I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it. The attached file  is a mosaic layout I created using traditional 3 1/2 inch tiles and 3Z tiles to create a heart shape.

The tangles used are: chainlea, mooka, molygon and printemps.

Enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day!

Pam Hartz Miller, CZT13


Some time ago, a thoughtful CZT sent us a "tangled" shell. Bijou reminded us that today would be a perfect time to share it:

This shell is about 3/8 inch across (1 cm). You might think that that these patterns were added later but as we say, "Nature tangles!" Notice how as this shell grew, it covered its earlier pattern (on the left side).


This tile below was created by Molly for Marguerite Samama's #valentangle2017. Visit her blog post to learn more about this Valentine's Day Zentangle Project. 

On the fourth day she challenged folks to use a technique introduced
by Margaret Bremner's blog post " Striping With a Twist," Molly Hollibaugh created this tile:

2017 Zentangle Schedule

CZT Training - Providence, RI, USA

Our Providence, RI 2017  CZT training Seminar  dates are:
April 9 - 12
April 23 - 26
June 18 - 21
June 25 - 28

We are nearly full for some seminars and some housing categories a already full. If you wish to attend, we encourage you to register while there are still seats available.

You can read USA seminar details here. You can register for a USA seminar  here .


CZT Training - Taipei, Taiwan

As you may know, we have had such a demand from the Mandarin speaking community that CZT training is available in Mandarin in Taipei, Taiwan. Read more about this program in  this newsletter.

CZT-Asia Registration is now open for seminars on:

July 25 - 28 and
August 1 - 4

Learn more and register at this link


Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (Western MA)

"It's a String Thing"
Zentangle Weekend with Rick and Maria
May 19 - 21

Learn more and register at this link.


1440 Multiversity (Santa Cruz county, CA)

A Zentangle Weekend

Zentangle Beyond Basics

Learn more and register at links in 1440 Multiversity article above.

With Zentangle Valentine's greetings and gratitude to all,
thank you for contributing so much to this community through your attention and your creativity!

The companion blog post for this newsletter has larger images of the ones posted here AND a bonus  waybop step-out that you'll "love"! 

Visit, comment and join a conversation.

With all our Best Wishes,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle

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