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January 28, 2017

Happy New Year to all our Zentangle community around the world . . . to those who celebrate January 1 and to those who celebrate today!

In this newsletter w e are happy to bring announce:
  • A new video series: "Kitchen Table Tangles"
  • News about CZT seminars in US and Asia
  • Upgrades to our Zentangle Mosaic App

Kitchen Table Tangles - A New Video Series

Rick writes:

Join Maria and me at our kitchen table for short conversations as we talk and tangle together.

We're having great fun doing these . . . Maria and I do the photography and tangling, Maria set the table and I played the music!

Here's an example:

A ll  Kitchen Table Tangle videos will be available to subscribers of the Zentangle Mosaic app. As this video collection grows, we will occasionally make some of these fun tutorials accessible to all Zentangle enthusiasts through our newsletters, like this one today .

If there's any particular topic, technique or tool you'd like us to share, please send your requests to

Zentangle Mosaic App Upgrades

We are loving the community that is growing on the Zentangle Mosaic app and we have so much fun sharing in it with all of you.

We value all of your feedback and we use it to continue to improve the app and make it even more enjoyable.

Here's what we have done with your requests:

Landscape Mode for iPad
You can now use Zentangle Mosaic on your iPad in landscape mode.
If you have enjoyed Maria's Meanderings that go along with her tiles, you can imagine how excited she is to use her iPad keyboard instead of tapping the touch screen when sharing her creative mind!

Tangles, Tips and Techniques Archive
T3's, or "Tangles, Tips and Techniques" have always been part of your Home Feed. Now they have their own home in the app menu! This is where you will find new T3s and revisit your old favorites (they will still show up in your home feed, too!)

State/Province Search 
Now you can narrow your search for other Zentangle artists by searching for "state/province" in the Advanced Search options.

Hashtags now auto fill in the "search" tool

Better Performance
With so many more users and subscribers we had to do some behind-the-scenes work to increase speeds. We've made lots of performance enhancements to improve image loading times, particularly in the Waterfall and and on the Home Screen.

We trust that these updates will continue to support the growth of this creative world-wide community. 

We are always excited to have your feedback. Please send your comments and requests to


If you already have the Zentangle Mosaic app, check your upgrade options to update it today. 

If you haven't experienced Zentangle Mosiac, you may want to download the free version because you can see what others in the worldwide Zentangle community are creating.  

CZT Seminar Schedule for 2017

Providence, RI, USA

Our Providence, RI 2017  CZT training Seminar  dates are:
April 9 - 12
April 23 - 26
June 18 - 21
June 25 - 28

We are nearly full for some seminars and some housing categories a already full. If you wish to attend, we encourage you to register while there are still seats available.

You can read USA seminar details here. You can register for a USA seminar  here .


Taipei, Taiwan

As you may know, we have had such a demand from the Mandarin speaking community that CZT training is available in Mandarin in Taipei, Taiwan. Read more about this program in  this newsletter.

CZT-Asia Registration is now open for seminars on:

July 25 - 28 and
August 1 - 4

Learn more and register at this link

We look forward to an exciting and inspiring year of sharing and creativity.

Thank you for contributing so much to this community through your attention and your creativity!

With all our Best Wishes for
a wonderful 2017

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle

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