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December 3, 2016

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we begin our traditional "12 Days" series of blog posts today.

We invite you to join in tangling, commenting or just marveling at this fun time together.

Details below.


Twelve days of 3Zs!

We have used this traditional holiday song as a fun way to explore and create some inventive, beautiful and festive Zentangle-inspired creations.

This year our series, "The 12 days of 3Zs" celebrates the fun new three-sided tiles we are so excited to explore with you all.

We have just begun the fun over at our blog and on our app. We invite you to participate and enjoy however you like.

There will be prizes and creativity galore as we enter this wonderful season - however you and your loved ones celebrate this time of giving, gratitude and new beginnings.

Here's the link for the first day's post and all the details for this series. 

See you (and your creations) soon!


Thank you for all your support and for being part of this exciting Zentangle adventure!

All of us send to you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season at this beautiful time of year. 

Best from us all,

Rick, Maria, Bijou and everyone at Zentangle

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