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May 2, 2017

This newsletter was delayed a bit because we've been a bit busy with Seminars 26 and 27. And now we're so thrilled to introduce you these wonderful people. More on that below.

Also, we have announcements and stories and creativity from all around this beautiful Zentangle world to share so let's get started.


Welcome to CZTs from Seminars 26 & 27!

We just finished two Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars at our new venue at the Providence Biltmore.

What magical and uplifting events these are! We wish we could convey the experience to you in this newsletter. But there is something special about the intimacy of a small(ish) group of individuals of different ages and backgrounds and from so many countries when everyone comes together to create and learn to share the Zentangle Method.

Anyone who has attended understands.

We continue to add more information and time to tangle. Each seminar has its own character and we love meeting with new and old friends.

Here are some class pictures:

CZT Class #26
CZT Class #27

To REALLY enjoy these pictures and to see some of the images from each seminar, please go to our blog posts where there are nice large images and an opportunity to comment.

Blog post: Welcome CZT 26!

Blog post: Welcome CZT 27! 

After these seminars we now have almost 3,000 CZTs in 39 countries around this planet!

Be sure to check out the beautiful creations and fun at the blog posts above.


All of us are SO grateful for all who traveled from near and far to make this experience all that it could be.

For all who are about to join us at seminar, we look forward to meeting you and working with you.

We have two more seminars in June this year. Please register at the links below:

Zentangle Workshops with Rick and Maria

Kripalu view
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (Western MA)
Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha return to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health to host a new Zentangle weekend workshop:
"It's a String Thing

They still have some seats available for this Zentangle Weekend with Rick and Maria on  May 19 - 21, 2017.

We look forward to deeply exploring the "string" as a tool for creative expression within the Zentangle Method.

Learn more and register at  this link.   See you there!


California Tangling!
Two Zentangle Workshops with Rick, Maria, Molly & Martha


Later this year, Rick, Maria, Molly and Martha will hit the road and travel to California to give two Zentangle workshops! 

We are pleased to be invited presenters at the highly anticipated opening of  1440 Multiversity in California.

1440 Multiversity is a new school in Santa Cruz County, California that offers teachable skills for better living. It's a place where you can choose your path to a better life-on purpose, with practice. 

We will offer two different Zentangle programs:
  • A Zentangle Weekend, and
  • Zentangle Beyond Basics
We are so fortunate to be among an acclaimed cast of teachers and to present the Zentangle Method on their brand new campus.  

1440 Multiversity is handling all the registrations and the links to register are below.

A Zentangle Weekend

Zentangle Beyond Basics

1440 Multiversity looks like an absolutely beautiful place. 
We are excited at the possibility of seeing you there!

Zentangle Sharings Worldwide

Dilip Patel, CZT, has a nice write-up in the Indian Press:

Dilip Article


Dear Rick and Maria,

I am a two year breast cancer survivor and was lucky enough to be able to celebrate my 60th birthday with my close family and friends through a surprise party given by my husband and children. Before the party, while having a conversation with my CZT, she asked me which of my tangles was my favorite. I pointed out the one I really loved and then we proceeded to another topic and I forgot all about it. 

A few weeks ago, my family had the surprise party and the favor was a copy of my favorite tangle mounted to a painted black wooden circle with a string/bow for hanging. Each one was in a gossamer gift bag. When we chatted later after the festivities were over and I told her how much I loved her idea, she said, "I just wanted everyone to share in a little piece of you"! What a special moment, creative sentiment and lovely, thoughtful idea from my most treasured daughter-in-law! 

During my recovery I have found Zentangle art to be a way to lose myself, my worries, and cares and just concentrate on the patterns and designs. It's SO portable, easy to tuck in a bag to take along to a chemo treatment, an appointment where you are waiting to be seen, or in a suitcase on vacation with you. I am hopeful that I am able to pack my supplies for MANY vacations in the future but certainly wanted to share how valuable this art form has been to me.

Thank you.

- D

I started uploading my tiles to the Zentangle Mosaic app today. I started by uploading my very first tile I did in my first Basic Zentangle class I took. It is so interesting to look back at those first tiles and see how my style, lines, ideas, etc has grown and changed. I also see my confidence in my abilities growing stroke at a time, one tangle at a time, one tile at a time. 

Thanks for creating the app, I am looking forward to adding the rest of my tiles in the coming days...and I'm very excited to see more people join and contribute their creations. 

- ND


Hi Maria and Rick,

I just read your blog enty and want to let you know what I have started doing with many of my tiles. The "12 days of 3Z" inspired me to add these sepia/gold/white Tipple and copper(or gold) Amsterdam relief paint of Royal Talens. I call it "Zentangle FESTIVE STYLE" and will teach my first class next month. 

Inge Frasch tiles

The 3D effect is really something special!

Best greetings from Bavaria, 
Inge Frasch, CZT


Hello Rick and Maria,

I am a CZT from group 20. I teach art at an Indian Community School in Wisconsin. Before becoming a CZT I used the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack and did a 5 minute "warm up" activity with every class.

Apprentice Classroom Pack  
We basically did one pattern a day, completed it with shading the second day (I see my students 2 times a week). Students loved it and it brought about the desired mindset for art . . . quiet focus!  After CZT training I started to think about ways to use Zentangle art in school to benefit other areas and this year opportunity knocked!

This year I have started a pilot program with two second grade classrooms. These two rooms have a high number of ADHD behaviors and documented behavior incidents. I am currently visiting each classroom for 20 minutes, two days per week, first thing in the AM. 

I walk them thru the steps of breathing + gratitude, remind them no distractions (no talking) and no mistakes..... only opportunities...persevere (to think like an artist, problem solve).

It has only been 2 weeks, but the homeroom teachers have mentioned they "never have a class that is this quiet  and focused". Our "Behavior Interventionist" sits in on one group and is also impressed with the focus of the class.

Be well, be creative!
Kim Nernberger, CZT


Dear Maria & Rick,

I have been thriving with ZENTANGLE classes since February 2016. I am expertly taught by Janet Massey's classes, and Nancy Loomis' classes. 

Thank you, and thanks so much for sharing your ZENTANGLE method.  

It brings so much joy and satisfaction. :-)

- JN


Thank you all for being part of this amazing Zentangle adventure! Every day we watch as its creative expression expands in delightful and unexpected ways.

With all our Best Wishes,

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly, and all of us at Zentangle

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