August 16, 2023

One of our favorite parts of each Zentangle Project Pack is getting to see all of the amazing artwork that the Zentangle Community creates across the world. Thank you to all those who are sharing on the Zentangle Mosaic App! We are honored to share a few of the tiles posted here in our newsletter!
Welcome to Day 7 of Zentangle Project Pack No. 21!

Creativity is a powerful tool. By tapping into your inner artist, you build confidence, strength, and potential to see your world differently than you did before. You might realize that you are the painter of your own canvas, you are the designer of your life’s work, and you are the gardener in your tangled garden. In this Project Pack, we will continue our path of learning about Zentomology and the specific tangle categories we call tangle genuses. This series will shed light on the tangle genus of organic tangles, specifically ones of botanical nature.

Tangle along with Molly and Martha as they guide you through the 7th lesson in this series. This video contains the new tangle foundabout. The step-out is below.

During this series, we use the materials found in the Zentangle Project Pack No. 21 (available below). If you do not have the project pack materials, we encourage you to follow along with whatever you have available.

Please note that we will release the videos in this series every other day through August 18th via our newsletter, our website and the Zentangle YouTube channel. We also post on the Mosaic app via a T3. 

Zentangle Project Pack No. 21 - Day 7
Zentangle Project Pack No. 21
We would love to see your creations! Please share your work on the Zentangle Mosaic App with the hashtags #PP21 and #PP21Day07 and we will be featuring some of your artwork in this project pack's series of newsletters!

Mosaic App Tip: When photographing your creations for this project pack, as the paper is not square, make sure to photograph some of the background above and below (if tile is laying horizontally) or to the left and right (if laying vertically). When uploading, do not crop that background out to keep the photo square. We cannot wait to see what you create!
Here at Zentangle HQ, much thought, design and planning are put into the production of our Zentangle Project Packs. Zentangle Project Pack videos are available for free without the purchase of the project pack materials. If you would like to support the production of Zentangle Project Pack videos, you can do so here.
New Tangle: foundabout
A tangle created as a result of Maria's midnight meanderings, foundabout has has roots with with basic lines that weave back and forth. As more strokes are added the original weaving structure becomes organic and seemingly random and wild.
A Weekend at Kripalu
Adding Love to Your Tangled Art
Join Molly Hollibaugh and Martha Huggins at Kripalu, November 3-5, 2023, to transform the ordinary to extraordinary! Spend the weekend immersed in a nurturing and creatively inspiring oasis while you learn advanced tangle enhancements, embellishments, and shading techniques.

Register here or email [email protected] with any questions.
Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher

United States

CZT 41: September 22-24, 2023
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CZT Asia 22: August 17-20, 2023
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CZT-EU 7: October 19-22, 2023
German, English, Spanish and French options available.

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