August 30, 2019

We've recently received some great news articles from around this world and we want to share them with you.

We think you will enjoy them.
Zentangle Method and Art in the News
"Flight delays bring out the worst in some people. But travel disruptions don’t bother Hongkonger Cindy Chan [CZT, right].

She sees them as a chance to create a Zentangle, a relaxing doodle technique based on repeated circles and flowing lines that’s taking the world by storm."

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From the The Edition, in the Maldives:

"Even as a first-year medical student that had just attained a top-notch O’ level scorecard, Maahee Abdulla was best known within his friend circle as a phenomenally talented artist. [ . . . ]

" Maahee threw himself further into making art, uploading it and maximising online outreach until eventually making a name for himself as one of the most successful online artists in Maldives [ . . . ]

"Today, he receives multiple orders for prints of his original art pieces in addition to commission requests from across the globe. [ . . . ]

"A unique style
"Maahee favours the Zentangle, an abstract art style that involves incorporating intricate patterns and geometric shapes to form a larger image."

Read the complete article here .

From Brazil . . .

"Danilo Roots is a Brazilian artist and a master freehand spray painter. He creates Zentangle art, a method that involves creating detailed patterns within an image."

View the short video here .
From Duluth, Minnesota, USA

First Lesson in Zentangle with Esther Piszczek

This past Wednesday I had the privilege of being part of the Zentangle & Wine classes at the Master Framing Gallery on London Road. The instructor is Esther Piszczek, a Certified Zentangle(R) Teacher, a former attorney who now helps promote the local arts through her  Twin Ports Art  blog.

Read full blog here .
Take a Zentangle Class with a CZT
We encourage you to take Zentangle classes from Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT). Just as there are many books and videos about yoga, or martial arts; if you really want get the full benefits, you seek out a qualified yoga teacher or martial arts instructor. The same applies to getting the most out of the Zentangle Method.

There are over 4,000 CZTs in over 40 countries. Find one near you at this page .

If you are interested in becoming a CZT, our seminar schedule is at the end of this newsletter.

Here's a comment from a CZT we received this week:
Hi Rick and Maria,

I was watching my seniors do their first Zentangle picture yesterday (which I have enclosed) and started thinking about how many times I have brought Zentangle art into people lives since I got certified.

I have taught it at senior centers, art centers, libraries, adult education in three different towns, teen centers, in my home, their homes, and at the bedside of my dying sister a few months ago.
I have to come to realize that while this teaching skill can offer me a few bucks here and there, it is so much more than that. First and foremost, I am grateful that you, Rick and Maria, both took a risk on developing something that has touched the lives of thousands of people in ways I cannot possibly even imagine - simply by picking up a pen and drawing one stroke at a time. 

I humbly thank you for this gift.

Nancy, CZT

Oh, we called this picture Zenrise :)
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We appreciate all of you being part of this wonderful adventure!

Rick, Maria, Martha, and Molly

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