Proposed Legislation
Pennsylvania House members have proposed a series of zero-waste bills and co-sponsorship memos. Summaries and links follow.

The Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania is re-activating the Legislative Committee. The first order of business will be to name a committee chair and then identify PROP members interested in being actively involved. The committee charge is to identify and read legislation impacting PROP members and make recommendations to the PROP Board of Directors in support of or opposing legislation.

Interested members should contact Jennifer Summers 717.441.6049 or Thank you for your continued dedication.

  • Prohibit polystyrene to-go containers from food establishments (Rep. Tim Briggs) HB 627

  • Limit straws: Prohibit establishments from offering plastic straws, unless a customer asks for one. (Rep. Mary Jo Daley) HB1176

  • Increase littering fines and penalties for those caught illegally throwing away their garbage. (Rep. Donna Bullock) HB1192

  • Increase the disposal fee for municipal waste landfills from $4 per ton to $8 per ton to help support important conservation and environmental protection programs. (Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler)
  • Disposal Fee for Municipal Waste Landfills

  • Increasing the recycling fee that landfill operators pay from $2 per ton to $5 per ton on waste received at their landfills, the first increase in 30 years. (Rep. Mary Isaacson) HB1198

  • Authorizing counties that have recycling programs to collect a recycling and waste management fee of up to $4 per ton, to be used to create and maintain new or existing recycling programs, programs to clean up illegal dumping sites or litter, and/or programs for alternative energy. (Rep. Patty Kim) Legislation Authorizing County Recycling and Waste Management Fees

  • Compost FTW: Significantly diverting organic waste from our landfills and incinerators and spurring a market for organic waste composting (Rep. Danielle Friel Otten) Making Pennsylvania a Leader in Composting

  • Ensuring that producers of plastic packaging take responsibility for the decisions they make by requiring that they cannot sell or distribute plastic packaging in Pennsylvania unless they are part of a recycling program to take it back. (Rep. Melissa Shusterman) Addressing non-recyclable plastic waste in Pennsylvania

  • Providing for a fee of two cents on each non-reusable plastic bag used by purchasers of consumer goods at retail establishments grossing over $1 million annually to support recycling. (Rep. Brian Sims and Rep. Jared Solomon) Legislation Regarding the Use of Plastic Bags

  • To bring back bottle bills:Creating a 5-cent beverage bottle and can deposit program in Pennsylvania. (Rep. Wendy Ullman) HB1322 

  • Require all new state buildings, as well as those being renovated, to install water bottle filling stations. (Rep. Perry Warren) Water Bottle Filling Stations