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Zeus explains the Bellwether difference and his bucket list
Hi, my name is Zeus. Bellwether Harbor took me in when I was surrendered with three other dogs, because my family couldn’t afford medical care for us. They didn’t know at the time that I had cancer, which was discovered when I arrived at Bellwether.

I was afraid I was a goner then and there. Instead I went to live with a foster family. I didn’t dare to dream about my bucket list, but now I’m checking them off, one by one. My foster family lives in the country with room to run, bonfires and other animals to share in the fun. 

Within a couple of days, they took me for ice cream on a hot day and completing my bucket list began. Since then we have gone for rides in the car and I love playing in the snow.

Bellwether Harbor gives dogs and cats a chance for a happy life with a great family. I’ve talked to some other dogs and they’ve treated five heartworm dogs that weren’t in great shape but now are in a forever home.

I don’t know the ins and outs of finance, but they really care about us and provide what we need. For me, I am living out my days on a farm with freedom to go in and out, be loved, and special treats to make my days complete.

Won’t you help Bellwether Harbor help other cats and dogs that need to be rescued? #Giving Tuesday is a perfect time to make that donation and help an animal like me find a forever home.

Before I forget, donations could be matched if given through this link starting at 8 a.m. today until the matching money is depleted. Any gift makes a difference.

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