August 2018, Issue 1

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

I have been reading articles about Zillow Group’s positioning on Upstream and the forms licensing policy of the California Association of REALTORS® with great interest. My take away is that Zillow Group is doing and saying exactly what they should be doing and saying to positively impact Zillow’s market opportunities in real estate. Remember, Zillow has industry relations people and government relations people that want to fight tooth and nail for every advantage they can get. It’s business.
By David Gumpper

One conversation that is critical in today’s ecosystem of integrated platforms; is the Application Programming Interface (API) checkbox. Here is how a typical conversation on this topic is between a brokerage and their vendor partner.
By Marilyn Wilson

So excited to hear that Kevin Hughes is back at it again in the MLS joining BoxMLS as its new Chief Executive Officer! We’ve been watching this company for awhile now and they are doing really interesting things! For those that have not yet heard about Box MLS it is a new tool to help brokers and agents operate much more effectively across multiple MLS markets at once.Think of it as a data sharing tool on turbo charge.
By Kevin Hawkins

The future of the Florida Realtors will be in the skillful and proven hands of a new chief executive officer starting January 1, when Margy Grant takes over from well-regarded association veteran CEO Bill Martin.