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A message from Pierre and Lammert
Pierre Lagorce and Lammert de Boer reflect on the first few months of 2019 in the ZinKlad program.

We have been very busy, continuing to drive our business forward. In this newsletter you can learn about our exciting meeting with a Chinese Fastener delegation and the perpetual hot topic of electric vehicles in relation to ZinKlad 750. We also have an update on ZinKlad 72 phosphating coatings in the automotive industry. 

For the second year running we are taking a leadership position at Fastener Fair USA 2019, with Lammert again representing coatings in the expert panel. Read more about our participation. 

Finally our newly launched ZinKlad sample test boxes will be distributed for returned samples for the applicator audits.
From Europe to China
An interactive seminar in fastener coatings
On March 21, 2019, MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions held a ZinKlad seminar for the Chinese fastener delegation, consisting of some 30 leaders of Chinese fastener manufacturers. While visiting the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, the delegation took a tour of best practice technologies throughout the region.

Driven by the rising regulations in the Chinese manufacturing industry, the delegates were keen to learn about the Quality Performance System, ZinKlad. Of particular interest was how high performance, sustainable fastener coatings are carried out in Europe today.  
Application news
ZinKlad 750
ZinKlad 750 meets the GMW3200 conductivity test and hydrogen embrittlement requirements of GMW4700. 

Offering a combination of unrivaled corrosion resistance, low electrical resistance, good conductivity and reduced formation of corrosion products, it is the optimum coating for fastener grounding applications. 
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Updating the applicator base
This quarter we have added 1 new applicator, while removing 1 applicator from the approved list. The latter is due to failure to meet our exacting ZinKlad requirements.
ZinKlad 72
A traditional coating with a 21st century application base
The automotive industry continues to require phosphating coatings for their fasteners. These coatings corrosion resistance, oil retention (internal fasteners) and excellent paint adhesion (external fasteners).

ZinKlad 72 offers a unique approach to achieve both high quality and consistency for the phosphating of automotive fasteners. It covers light/heavy weight zinc as well as manganese phosphate combinations.

Through the process, the steel substrate is transformed into a non-metallic, polycrystalline coating with a black type finish.
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