Did you know that OB Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Sapphire Crystals are now available in TWO SIZES? That's right! In addition to our small (1 – 6 mm) crystals, we now offer larger, medium-sized (5 – 8 mm) crystals. Both provide an economic source of copper. OB Sapphire Crystals are NSF International approved and have the appropriate US EPA Registrations and licenses. Learn more!
ZSCU Fertilizers
Did you know that zinc sulfate-coated urea (ZSCU) fertilizers can potentially mitigate micronutrient deficiencies?

According to a 2017 study , the physical coating and bigger granule size of coated urea fertilizers can improve micronutrient distribution and uptake.
Zinc Oxide Alternatives

Feed Strategy offers an exceptional article that recommends more traditional and trusted methods, including Copper Sulfate and modern forms of Zinc be considered for the removal of zinc oxide from piglet feeds. Both can be used at lower levels and at a significantly reduced cost.

Given the impending EU ban on zinc oxide, Made In USA copper sulfate and zinc sulfate may be viable feed ingredient alternatives for your piglets and other livestock! Read more.
SDSs: Safety First!

The absolute safety of our customers and team members is our most important commitment and responsibility. That's why we ensure that all of our GHS-compliant SDSs are rigorously authored and reviewed for potential revisions on a regular basis.
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