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January 2023

Wednesday Night Live is back January 11!

Wednesday Night Live is an important fellowship and learning time for our congregation. The evening includes a Fellowship Meal from 5:45-6:30pm and Formation opportunities from 6:30-7:30pm.

Opportunities for Faith formation

Youth – Youth Group will meet in the Youth Room from 6:30-7:30pm for games and Bible study. Contact: Walt Hampton

Adults – Five Weird Stories – Come explore some of the stranger stories of the scriptures and learn what they might teach us about living the strange life of faith. This adult class will meet in the Cathedral Room (FLC upstairs) from 6:30-7:30pm beginning January 18th. Leader: Pastor Nathan

Hilltoppers - Zion's Retiree group

This month, back by popular demand: Show and Tell. We will meet January 11th at 11:00 am for our famous “sharing and telling” time. Please bring a special memento, picture, or interesting item and the story of it’s meaning to your life. We’ve had a historic family Bible, first date drink cups, race track pictures and many more such memories shared. Following this fun time, lunch will be provided. You may, however, bring a dessert. All are invited to join this unique time of fellowship, food and fun. Never participated in our “show and tell” event; call Janice Sult at (803)791-9692 with any questions.

Youth Ministry 

Serving in worship - We are so proud of our Youth serving in worship the last year. We have youth serving as readers, singers, worship assistants, crucifers, and ushers. We need help filling in some schedules though. If your youth can help reach out to Walt now by clicking below.

High School Bible Study - Every Friday a group of Zion’s High School Youth and leaders meet for a time of devotions and prayer. All High Schoolers are invited to join us! We gather in the Lowes Foods Coffee shop at 7:30am and depart early enough to make it to school in time. Rides to River Bluff will be available, please let Walt know if you need a ride so I can make sure we have enough seats.

Wednesday Night Youth Group - Wednesday Night Live is back Starting January 11th. All youth grades 6-12 are invited to join us for games and bible study each week in the Family Life Center. Meal 5:45pm, Youth Group 6:30-7:30pm.  

Click to signup or with questions about Youth Ministry at Zion.

Interesting Articles to Explore

Feral Church Children:

Kids Need Time to

“Just Be” at Church

- Building Faith

For children, unscheduled and unprogrammed time at church gives the opportunity to experience Christ in community in ways not found in other places.

Click to read now! Feral Church Children: Kids Need Time to “Just Be” at Church

Music Notes

The Choir is currently meeting for rehearsal each Sunday morning at 9:00am in the Family Life Center. Please lend your voice to this wonderful group! 

Handbells: If you would be interested in ringing handbells in the future, please let Julie know as soon as possible for planning purposes.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your musical talents in some way, please contact Julie at 

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast;

I will sing, yes, I will sing praises! Psalm 57:7 

Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who sang in the choir, rang handbells, sang a solo or played an instrumental solo for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day worship. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!   


Click for more info or to offer your musical talents!

Serving in Worship

We need your help to make Worship

happen at Zion. We are looking to fill

in a few serving roles this month. See below

and click the button to volunteer now!

January 1

Ushers – Charles & Dianne Richardson; Assisting Minister – David Gragg; Reader – David Gragg; Sound Tech – Russell Kleckley; Slideshow – Roscoe Nesmith; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – Steve & Janice Sult; Cookies & Fellowship - Elrod Family; Offering Counters – Gary & Evelyn Varn, Steve & Janice Sult;

January 8

Ushers – Charles & Dianne Richardson; Assisting Minister – Lee Caulder; Reader – Will Cohoon; Sound Tech – open; Slideshow – open; Livestream – Walter Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – Steve & Janice Sult; Cookies & Fellowship - Anna Reeside; Offering Counters - Gary & Evelyn Varn, Steve & Janice Sult;

January 15

Ushers – Charles & Dianne Richardson; Assisting Minister – Mary Nell Panyard; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – open; Slideshow – open; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – Steve & Janice Sult; Cookies & Fellowship - Donna & Dale; Offering Counters - Gary & Evelyn Varn, Steve & Janice Sult;

January 22

Ushers – Charles & Dianne Richardson; Assisting Minister – Carig Balch; Reader – Bob McCombs; Sound Tech – open; Slideshow – open; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – Steve & Janice Sult; Cookies & Fellowship - Carol Hunter; Offering Counters - Gary & Evelyn Varn, Steve & Janice Sult;

January 29

Ushers – Charles & Dianne Richardson; Assisting Minister – Janice Sult; Reader – Will Reeside; Sound Tech – open; Slideshow – open; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – Steve & Janice Sult; Cookies & Fellowship - Sults; Offering Counters - Gary & Evelyn Varn, Steve & Janice Sult;

Click to volunteer

Council Update

Zion’s Congregation Council met on Monday, December 12th. Here are some of the highlights of the meeting:

+ Heard reports from officers and Ministry Team liaisons

+ Approved sale of old sanctuary light fixtures as a renovation project fundraiser

+ Received updates from the Facilities and Grounds Task Force

+ Shared joys and concerns and prayer together

+ Thanked outgoing Council members (Sue Anderson, Betsy Burn, Suzette Porth, Kimberly Rauch, and Bridget Ridgell)

+ Elected 2023 Council officers (see below)


2023 Congregation Council members are: Lee Caulder (chair), DeAnna Granda (vice chair), Kathryn Barton (secretary), Janice Sult (treasurer), Ernest Beck, Rebekah Cromer, Chris Ellisor, Linda Hendrix, Ross Hunter, Rayna Kleckley, Roscoe Nesmith, Geri Nilsestuen, and Pastor Nathan Gragg.

Giving & Generosity

Giving Info as of December 31, 2022

Offering anticipated year to date: $415,289

Offering received year to date: $368,125


Gifts to Zion and Partner Feeding Ministries this Year

Mission Lexington: 221 pounds of food

Snack Packs Ministry: $1761

Matthew 25 Lunch Ministry: $1753


Recent Memorials Given

To the Building Fund

In honor of James & Iris Harman by Thomas & Cynthia Black

In memory of David Ivey and in honor of our 5 granddaughters by James & Iris Harman


To the General Fund

In memory of Guy Kimball by Paul & Mary Hook

In memory of Steve Sult's mother, Virginia by James & Iris Harman

In memory of Thomas Lee Kleckley by Kelsey Gorman

In memory of Guy Kimball by Gary & Evelyn Varn

In memory of Thomas Kleckley by Order of the Eastern Star - Lexington Chapter 176


To Thanksgiving Meals

In honor of Connor & Riley Burn by Chip & Betsy Burn

Gifts For Poinsettias

In memory of loved ones from the Farwick Family by Steve, Amanda & Wilson Farwick

In memory of “Metro” by his grandson, Beckett Owens

In memory of Jesse & Kathryn Kleckley by Tom, Chris & Kelsey Gorman

In memory of Patterson by Mimi & Papa

In loving memory of Tyler Sims by Nanny, Nandalyn Heaitley

In memory of our parent by James & Iris Harman

In honor of our children & grandchildren by Beth & David Lever

In memory of Gordon & Esther Hempel by Ross & Carol Hunter

In honor of Denise Caulder by Lee Caulder

In memory of Jack & Miriam Driggers by Tim, Donna & Dale


Gifts For Charitable Ministries

In honor of Charley & Karey Hendrix by Robert & Kathy Bigham

In honor of our children & grandchildren by Robert & Kathy Bigham


A special thanks to all who purchased Angel Tree gifts for Lutheran Services Carolinas. Your gifts will bring joy to those in need.



We celebrate the gifts and commitments received from

members and friends of Zion for our Grow & Renew Campaign.

Total committed to the Grow & Renew Campaign: $885,615

Total received so far from these commitments: $522,082

In Our Prayers

Current Needs: Jerald Drafts, John Drafts, Madelyn Ellisor, Barry Granda, Melba Ivey, Geri Nilsestuen, Becky Saville


Homebound: Betty Baker (Carolina Gardens), Les Caton (Brookdale Harbison), Gene Hendrix (Westminster), Wyman Kleckley, Jane Langston (Oakleaf), John Shotts, Margaret Sox, Darlene Weight (Tennessee)


Military: Brett Creasman, Matt Mayer, Chris Rauch, Tristin Secoy


Friends of the Congregation: Felicia Ajibade (health, friend of the Branham Family), Ed ‘Chuck’ Baker (cancer, son of Betty Baker) Lynn Balch (health, wife of Craig Balch), Glenda & Everett Crafts (health, friend of Geri Nilsestuen), Pastor Derald Edwards (cancer), Greg Hash (cancer treatment, cousin of Janice Sult), Pam Holladay (health, mother of Bonnie Phillips), CJ Keathley (health, brother of Denise Caulder), Shelly Koenig (cancer, daughter in law of Mary Nell Panyard), Jack Landers (health, friend of the Caulders), Sarah May (health, aunt of Mary Hampton), Rev. & Mrs. Lindsay Poteat (friends of Cheryl Ann & Tim Driggers), Cheryl Rawl (friend of Al & Carla Fallaw), Libba Rhoad (cancer, friend of Janice Sult), Donna Riggins (cancer, sister in law of Rachael Rhoden), Greg Sommer (health, friend of the congregation), Ronnie Tunstill (stage 4 cancer, friend of Geri Nilsestuen), Edith Wessinger (health, sister in law of Ethel Riley), Ron White (prostate cancer, friend of the Caulders), Lee Wolford (health issues, Friend of the Leapharts)

The family and friends of Warren Peebles who died on Monday, December 12.

Family and friends of Patsy Parks who died December 17th (friend of the Branhams.)


Please help us keep the list up to date by adding or removing names when the time is right. To make

or update a prayer request email or call the church office at or 356-2297.

Celebrations this Month 

January Birthdays

2nd - Lola Kim, Walt Hampton, 4th - Rhea Williamson, 5th - Larry Hook, Alyson Dumont, 6th - Ronald Lankford, 8th - Casey Hendrix, 9th - Donna Corley, Lisa Corley, 10th - Caroline Beck, 14th - Graylen Grant, Hop Ridgell, Stanley Rikard, Josef Wingard, 17th - Blake Rauch, 20th - Emerson Fite, Nandalyn Heaitley, 23rd – Jessi Hampton, 24th - Judy Shotts, 26th - Jordan Corley, 27th - Les Caton, Marielle Wingard, 29th - Sherie Grant, Jade Mayer

January Anniversaries

3rd – Roger & Shannon Richardson, 4th – Joe & Sara Rymer, 20th – Bob & Laura McCombs, 29th – Shawn & Rebekah Cromer

Stories of Faith 

A Church that Serves: A Reflection by Zion Member Laura Beck

Our family visited several area churches when we moved to Lexington four years ago. I still remember sitting in the pew on that first visit and feeling at home. The congregation was friendly and welcoming each time we came to church. Everyone was kind and easy to talk to.

I enjoyed the choir and the musicians that played frequently on Sundays and how the congregation listened and appreciated the music.

Throughout the church year, the Sanctuary is lovingly decorated for the seasons of the church. In the fall, the windowsills are laden with pumpkins and berries and old quilts are draped over the wooden railings leading to the altar. This is one example of how the people of Zion care for the church that they love and for the people that are a part of it. The simple ways that they bring beauty to the worship service really do touch me and help me feel God’s presence.

I love Wednesday evenings at Zion. We eat together and have a chance to get to know each other better. Sometimes it is easier to talk to new faces when you are sharing a meal. Serving the food, sitting and enjoying the food and conversation are simple ways to attend to each other and to show God’s love.

The youth are present at Zion. Their participation in worship is celebrated. Caroline and Jantzen have both begun serving as worship leaders, just as my husband and I did when we were growing up. They also look forward to going to youth group. Walt and lay advisors do a great job of keeping both of them engaged with other kids throughout the year. They have also encouraged them to volunteer and reach out to others in need. As a result, Caroline and Jantzen are learning how to serve others, have become more comfortable talking about their faith, and have

found adults at Zion that care about them.

During Lent, adults choose one member of the youth as their prayer friend and they send notes and prayers to them. I have participated in this every year and so have Caroline and Jantzen. I love getting to know my prayer friend and I appreciate the church members who have also encouraged my own children as prayer friends. This is a great way Zion builds relationships across generations. It makes me excited for Zion’s future and the work that we will continue to do in our community.

A Peek at Zion's Ongoing Renovation

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