The Lion's Tale

Volume 21 Issue 11

November 7, 2018

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever"                                                                        Hebrews 13:8
*  New Members Class Sunday, November 11th at 
   11:30 am.  (See details below)

*  November 8, Eye and Vision Testing for Kinder-8th grade

*  Veterans Day Monday November 12th - No School/No SAC

*  Tuesday, November 13th 7th & 8th Grade parent meeting at          6:30 pm  See details below

*  Wednesday, November 14th, ECEC-8th Grade Service Day

*  Christmas Boutique - November 30, December 1st and 2nd  -         volunteers needed.  (See details below)





  • Pray for a Great School Year
  • Pray for the Zion Students, Families, and Staff
  • Pray for Pete Stewart for healing and strength (Miss Stewart (7th) - Father & Alaska (6th) - Grandfather)
"What is social and emotional learning?"   
This trending topic is addressed with all sorts of interventions, teacher workshops or training, and parent meetings at many schools.  Read how this works at Zion!

My daughter, Emma is getting her degree in Human Resources Development and Management with a background in technology from Purdue University.  Her latest project for a course is to "develop an introductory training in 'Social and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace', since this area of need is so great in our society today."  Her professor for this course is a researcher and practitioner in the "workplace" here in the USA and abroad. Additionally, a friend recently mentioned how there are so many "stress dogs" at USC, since students there have such a hard time dealing with college stress (or they really like their pets and need a good excuse...some, though...)  My CEO brother-in-law said that he often felt like he was living my life a little, but with adults.  He often, in one new role, had to bring department heads together to deal with conflict or unkindness that he had experienced when he volunteered with his daughters' Middle School Youth Ministry!   I think we can say that this "hot topic" is probably a well-documented need in our world today.

I could say that about it without the research, documentation, or the numerous articles written by my education colleagues worldwide.  "HOW?" you ask.  

Simply this:  
[God] said, "...Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?"  The man said, "The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate."  Then the Lord God said to the woman, "What is this that you have done?" The woman said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."  (Genesis 3:11-13)   DO you see this?  Adam didn't own what he'd done.  He tried to blame Eve, thereby blaming God!  "YOU gave her to me!"  Eve then blamed God's creation as well.  ("The serpent deceived me...and YOU made it!")  

The Bible is FULL of people who made mistakes:  Jonah who didn't go right away to help the people of Nineveh had to be eaten by a fish before he'd go.  
Moses didn't believe God would bring more water, so he tried to beat it out of a rock like God had allowed him to do previously, so Moses didn't get to enter the Promised Land.  
Jacob cheated his brother and was then cheated himself.  
David was an adulterous murderer who lost his son and didn't get to build God's temple.
 Solomon married too many women and ended up having a troubled family life and dynasty.  
Peter denied that he knew one of his best friends who he had seen raise people from the dead!  (Peter eventually died a martyr, but he had much grief over his lack of courage!)  And 
Paulcontinuously mentioned his need for doing the right thing, since he just couldn't do it. 

Lutheran Schools have been training students in the area of "Social and Emotional Learning" since these schools started in the 1500's.  Sin, conflict, and other problems between people exist in Christian schools as much as anywhere.  How we handle problems is what sets us apart.  We work toward "Win-Win" results, since forgiveness and grace "rule the day".  We seek true reconciliation, rather than "you win, I lose" or "I win, you lose" or "we both lose a little or gain a little" or "I avoid it and pretend it doesn't exist".  We don't just tell our kids how to do this or "to do this", but we point to a source that provides a 6,000+ year window into human character and the character of a God who loves beyond human capacity to understand this love.  

Just the other day, two boys joined me in the office because they were not getting along and seemed to be ready to land blows!  They needed to each own their behavior which led to the misunderstanding or the conflict, since each had a part.  They immediately recognized how silly they'd been, because they really do enjoy each other's friendship.  They couldn't stop smiling once they caught each other's eye. Unfortunately, they lost most of their recess and were away from other fun classroom activities for a bit.  Given the boys' age, I believe they will come to see me again.  Each time, I will pick away at the childishness that leads them to the fire of conflict.  Each time I will bring God's Word to them.  Each time, I will help them to see a better way.  Each time they will pray together.  My hope is that a healthy habit will form to replace the fire-building!  ;-)  
 This is something our kids learn in Lutheran Schools. 

NWEA testing will be taking place next week.  Please be sure to see you child's classroom website or newsletter to know when they will be taking place.  

th Grade
Peter Mendoza
Paris Moore
Angel Shen
Ian Wyspianski
7th Grade
Michael Campos
Amelia Fenn
Obed Melgar
Andrew Nagy
6th Grade
Kyden Ordonez
5th Grade
Adrian Gallegos
Rex Kim
Joshua Wesselmann
Melody Whetstine
4th Grade
Alice Ahn
Miles Fenn
Isabell Fujimoto
Grace Huchel
Noah Wons
8th Grade
Rylee Coney
Gwendolyn Ellis
Kayla Gonzalez
Allison Johnson
Makayla Motis
Annie Nguyen
Katie Tran
Hannah Wons
7th Grade
Delilah Gonzalez
Jayden Huchel
Emma Jacobson
Mia Montgomery
6th Grade
Allison Calvillo
Isabella Navarrete
Tariqua Raber
Scarlett Russell
Alaska Stewart
5th Grade
Amber Bach
Jackson Venator
Morgan Wilburn
Your character really counts
Responsible People....
  • Do what they are supposed to do.
  • Work hard and try to do their best
  • Think about how their actions will affect others.
Responsibility awards were presented today in Chapel.  Congratulations to the following  students who demonstrate the responsibility traits ...
Kindergarten  - Wilson Moye
1st grade    -  Andrew Martinez                                           
2nd grade  -  Raven Robinson                                            
3rd grade   -  Makenzie Middelton                           
4th grade   -  Alice Ahn                                             
5th grade   -  Jackson Venator                                   
6th grade   - Tariqua Raber                              
7th grade   - Emily Alexander                                   
8th grade   -  Hannah Wons                              
7th and 8th Grade Parent Meeting

Reminder there is a 7th and 8th grade meeting on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30 pm in Cafe 10:31. Information was sent home on Friday, with the 7th and 8th grade students.  ( Letter Sent Home


The Christmas Boutique committee is looking for volunteers to help work at this year's Christmas Boutique. November 30, December 1st and/or December 2nd. Sign up to help!



Did you know...?

...that there are over 2,000 Lutheran schools in the United States?  
...our church body supports three international schools?  

Two of them (HKIS, CISS)  are consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world for academics and student activities each year?  Did you know Mrs. Nagy was the Primary (PS-G4) Principal at Concordia Shanghai prior to returning to the USA for her husband, Scott, to attend seminary to become a pastor?   During her time there she helped to increase the use of research-based practices for literacy (PS-G8) and science (PS-G4), solidify service learning for PS-G12, build at $2M playground, and provide much training to missionaries and teachers in various countries throughout Asia. 

Did you know Zion graduates are more likely to take HONORS courses and advanced courses in their public high schools?  Students who matriculate to area public high schools often comment about how "little Zion" made a big difference for them academically.  

Turn-In Reminder
Thank you for your continued support in helping to raise funds for a new front sign. This is just a friendly reminder that the cookie dough fundraiser is coming to an end. All order forms and money for cookie dough are due this Friday, November 9th. Please remember to keep the pink copy of the order form for your records and turn in the top 2 sheets (white and yellow copies), along with the collection envelope and money collected. All checks should be made out to Zion PTSL.

The See's Candies fundraiser will be extended an additional week, in order to allow more time for 7th and 8th graders to raise funds for their Washington D.C. trip. The new due date for See's Candies orders is Friday, November 16th.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Candy Chatchaiyan at (323) 842-0136. Thanks for your help!

3rd Grade Stem
Canoes made out of foil, must hold 20 pennies 
and float!


Zion 3rd Grade Students choosing to accept the Mission Possible of Random Acts of Kindness:

Lincoln  - 
  • Fix the T.V.
  • Clean my room.
Eli -
  • Complimented my dad on his pumpkin carving.
  • Helped clean dugout.
Mattix - 
  • I feed my fish every night.
  • I turn off the T.V.
Missing items....

We are looking for any solar lights, costumes or pirate items that may have went home with students or families after the parade.  Please drop off at the school office.

The Zion  Pirate Ship is on  display...
We have the Pirate Ship from the  Anaheim Halloween Parade displayed in the Zion School Library.  If you missed seeing it at the parade stop by the library and view the vessel!


I t is not too late to sign up for Scrip Now or dering Scrip from your home makes it easy to  support the Church and School.  If you have any questions please call me.  Linda Stewart, 714-315-1738.  Remember place your order before 10:15 on Sunday and you will receive it by Thursday of that week.  Boxes in ECEC, SAC, Church and the School for your orders must be received by Friday to have your scrip by Thursday of the next week.  Scrip is also available in the Church office after 9:00AM and before 3:00PM Monday thru Friday.
Happy shopping!!!

Zion Lutheran Church and School
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Volunteer Hours!

Shop, Volunteer, and Donate to the Zion Thrift Shop!

Located at:
1109 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831
Only 2 short miles from Zion

Monday - Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-3:00 pm
Please contact Michele Brown at 714-879-1147/email to schedule your volunteer hours.

See You At The Thrift Shop
T he Thrift Shop is unable to take computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, or T.V's.

Hot Lunch 
Hot Lunch orders are due  on or before the 20th of the preceding month  to avoid a $5.00 Late Fee.  

Pizza Hut Pizza Slices
Pizza  on Friday for $2.00 a slice!
Pre-orders will be billed on FACT's.  Pizza payment and orders will still be taken in the classroom on Fridays.  



SAC Paw Prints

November 12, 2018
Veterans Day - No School/No SAC

November 19-23
No School
Must complete prepay form 
on or before November 14th
 Thanksgiving Break cartoon_turkey.jpg
School is closed over Thanksgiving Break, November 19-November 23. School-Age Care (SAC) is available on the above dates if you need care for your child. Please complete the Prepay SAC Registration form below and return it to SAC no later than 6:00pm, November 14, 2018. Late registrations are subject to availability of space and a $10.00 late fee may be assessed. Zion SAC requires a minimum number of enrolled children to open its doors.

Church News
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Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:45am
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Grades K - 5th meet in the Jubal Room.

All students attending youth must have a 
2018-2019 permission slip on file.


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