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July 2023


Zion’s History Luncheon: August 13th

We are moving forward, yet we need to know “who we have been?”

So, the first leg of this journey we will eat and chat. Sunday, August 13 following our worship service all members of the congregation; the wise and the youthful, the stiff and the flexible, and the life-long, mid-life, and the newbie members are invited to join me for lunch in the FLC. We will share a meal, and I will listen to the stories about the history of Zion LC Lexington.

Mark your calendars and plan to have FUN!

Zion History Luncheon – August 13th

Family Life Center

Vacation Bible School July 23-27

It’s time for fun and faith at

Zion’s Vacation Bible School

Ready, Set, Move! July 23-27!

Community meal 5:45pm

Adult Bible Study with

Pastor Kathleen & Children's Programming 6:30-8:00pm

Click below to register or volunteer to help.

Click to register for VBS

Youth Ministry 

GraceWorks 2023 + July 17th-20th

Have fun + Help Others

This will be the 10th year of GraceWorks and we are excited to serve our neighbors and enjoy some fun along the way. Zion plays a key part in the leadership of this event so we want to have a good showing of attendees. Please let me know if your youth will be attending this year so we can register. Cost is $50 for the week. (Cost should never be a barrier to attend events at Zion. Please let Walt or Troy know if you need help cover the costs for this or any event.)

The ELCA Youth Gathering is back in 2024!

This is a BIG event that our youth will remember for a lifetime. Click here to watch the reflections of our Youth from last Gathering in 2018.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the coming months. We will need to get commitments by September, this will allow us to register early and get extra perks including closer hotels, choice of service experience, and more. Having our group early will also give us time to prepare and fundraise for this big trip.

Click to signup or with questions about Youth Ministry at Zion.

Zion Sent 6 Youth and Children to

Lutheridge Camp June 18-24

here’s their thoughts on the experience:


David E: “I really like the songs and group activities we did. You should come to camp!”

Emily: “It's important t to come to camp because we could expand our knowledge of God and our own beliefs.” “God doesn't judge the way we pray in any way shape or form. So we shouldn't judge other’s prayers”


Bryson: “I learned there is no right way to pray. God always hears your prayers but doesn't always respond in the way we think.”


Holly: “Camp is important because we learned about who God is.” “Not only is there no right way, but no wrong way to pray. Never judge someone for how they pray, they may pray different than you.”


David G: "Camp is important to me because I have gone every year since I was 5, and I always get to meet new friends that I know

understand me."


Jack: "My favorite part of camp was Poolooza the pool party. I learned that I like to talk about your high moment, low moment, and God moment. You should go to camp because it's fun and you learn a lot about the Bible."

Walking with our neighbors.

The first day of school is earlier this year, just a month away! Many parents in our community are unable to provide their children with the supplies required by the schools. Mission Lexington helps these parents and children on our behalf. Please consider purchasing some of the supplies on the list below and placing them in one of our designated Zion receptacles.

Music Notes

The Choir is on summer break! We don’t meet regularly during the summer, but please consider joining the choir when we resume in the fall. If anyone is interested in providing special music, vocal or instrumental, during the offering this summer (or any time!), please contact Julie by clicking below.

Handbells will resume in the fall as well. Even if you’ve never played before, join this fun group when we resume!

Reasons YOU Should Join the Choir

  • Participate in something that is much bigger than yourself.
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress.
  • Make new friends and grow closer to long-time friends.
  • Help lead worship.
  • Singing releases endorphins into our brains that chemically make us feel happier.
  • Singing is brilliant for your mental health.
  • Singing with others is a fantastic social activity that eliminates isolation.
  • Being in a choir is a regular social activity you can rely on.
  • Choirs make great communities.
  • There will be NEW CHOIR ROBES!

*Please watch your bulletins and newsletters

for info about our upcoming choir kick-off!!*

Click for more info or to offer your musical talents!

Serving in Worship

We need your help to make Worship

happen at Zion. We are looking to fill

in a few serving roles this month. See below

and click the button to volunteer now!

July 2

Ushers – David & Beth Lever; Assisting Minister – Craig Balch; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – Tyler Beard; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – James & Iris Harman; Altar Flowers - OPEN; Cookies & Fellowship - Althea & Steve Hendrix; Offering Counters – To be announced.

July 9

Ushers – David & Beth Lever; Assisting Minister – Craig Balch; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – Tyler Beard; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – James & Iris Harman; Altar Flowers - OPEN; Cookies & Fellowship - Ellisor Family; Offering Counters – To be announced.

July 16

Ushers – David & Beth Lever; Assisting Minister – Craig Balch; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – OPEN; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – James & Iris Harman; Altar Flowers - OPEN; Cookies & Fellowship - David & Beth Lever; Offering Counters – To be announced.

July 23

Ushers – David & Beth Lever; Assisting Minister – Craig Balch; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – Carla Fallaw; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – James & Iris Harman; Altar Flowers - OPEN; Cookies & Fellowship - McKinley Family; Offering Counters – To be announced.

June 30

Ushers – David & Beth Lever; Assisting Minister – Craig Balch; Reader – David McKinley; Sound Tech – OPEN; Livestream – Walt Hampton; Chancel and Sacraments – James & Iris Harman; Altar Flowers - OPEN; Cookies & Fellowship - OPEN; Offering Counters – To be announced.

Click to volunteer

Council Update

Congregation Council Meeting Highlights

Zion’s Congregation Council met on Monday, June 12th. Here are some of the highlights of the meeting:

+ Welcomed Pastor Kathleen Miko

+ Heard a report on the renovation project by Steve Hendrix

+ Shared stories of God's impact in the community and at Zion

+ Heard reports from officers and Ministry Team liaisons

+ Discussed outgoing council members and Nomination Committee

+ Discussed next steps in the call process

+ Shared joys and concerns and prayer together


2023 Congregation Council members are: Lee Caulder (chair), DeAnna Granda (vice chair), Kathryn Barton (secretary), Janice Sult (treasurer), Ernest Beck, Rebekah Cromer, Chris Ellisor, Linda Hendrix, Ross Hunter, Rayna Kleckley, Roscoe Nesmith, and Geri Nilsestuen.

Giving & Generosity

Giving Info as of June 28, 2023

Offering generously given year to date: $177,211

Gifts to Zion and Partner Feeding Ministries this Year

Mission Lexington: $190 - 270.5 pounds of food

Snack Packs Ministry: $922

Matthew 25 Lunch Ministry: $1320

Recent Memorials & Honorariums Given to the General Fund

In memory of Janet Phillips by Janet Green

In memory of Becky Saville by Joseph & Margaret Zeigler

In honor of Joshua Riley & Jessica Riley, my grandchildren,

for their birthdays by Ethel Riley.


We celebrate the gifts and commitments received

from members and friends of Zion for our

Grow & Renew Campaign.

Total committed to the Grow & Renew Campaign: $893,094

Total received so far for this work: $627,735


In Our Prayers

Current Needs

Jeff Beck (cancer)

Betty Jo Corley

John Drafts

Tim Driggers

Madelyn Ellisor

Barry Granda

Gege Kimball

Beckett Owens



Betty Baker (Carolina Gardens)

Les Caton (Brian Center)

Gene Hendrix (Westminster)

Melba Ivey (Carolina Gardens)

Wyman Kleckley

Jane Langston (Oakleaf)

John Shotts

Margaret Sox

Darlene Weight (Tennessee)



Matt Mayer (Air Force)

Chris Rauch (Army) 

Tristin Secoy (Marine Corps)

Friends of the Congregation

Felicia Ajibade (health, friend of the Branham Family)

Ed ‘Chuck’ Baker (cancer, son of Betty Baker)

Lynn Balch (health, wife of Craig Balch)

Kimberly Bollinger (health, sister of Barry Granda)

Jackie Brock (mother-in-law of Chuck Dickson)

Glenda & Everett Crafts (health, friend of Geri Nilsestuen)

Jeri Dickson (health, wife of Chuck Dickson)

Pastor Derald Edwards (cancer)

Gerri Felts (health, mother of Kelly Jo Swygert)

Greg Hash (cancer treatment, cousin of Janice Sult)

CJ Keathley (health, brother of Denise Caulder)

Shelly Koenig (cancer, daughter in law of Mary Nell Panyard)

Jack Landers (health, friend of the Caulders)

Dominick Pierallini (health, friend of Geri Nilsestuen)

Rev. & Mrs. Lindsay Poteat (friends of Cheryl Ann & Tim Driggers)

Cheryl Rawl (friend of Al & Carla Fallaw)

Libba Rhoad (cancer, friend of Janice Sult)

Donna Riggins (cancer, sister in law of Rachael Rhoden)

Adrienne Rutledge (cancer, friend of Chuck Dickson)

Greg Sommer (health, friend of the congregation)

Peggy Sox (health, mother of Evelyn Varn)

Ronnie Tunstill (cancer, friend of Geri Nilsestuen)

Edith Wessinger (health, sister in law of Ethel Riley)

Ron White (cancer, friend of the Caulders)

Lee Wolford (health issues, friend of the Leapharts)

Please help us keep the list up to date by adding or removing names when the time is right. To make

or update a prayer request email or call the church office at [email protected] or 356-2297.

Celebrations this Month 

July Birthdays

2nd - Jessica Senn, Mary Lynn Sox, Casey McIntosh, Janssen Ellisor; 3rd - John Derrick, Dylan Granda; 4th - Tristin Secoy; 5th - Janet Green, Roger Anderson, Cannon McKinley; 6th - Caylan Bigham, Ernest Beck, Hannah Higgins; 7th - Ansley Secoy, John Shotts; 9th - Luci Hanna; 11th - Madelyn Ellisor; 12th - Hal Turner, Zach Willis, Julie Branham; 14th - Macy Hunt; 15th - Lisa Lorick, Kara Willis; 16th - Ronald Leaphart, Jill Beck, Jack Cohoon; 17th - Bev Gunter; 18th - John Drafts; 19th - Stacey Hook; 22nd - Ethel Riley, David Gragg; 25th - Jamie Hampton; 26th - Addison Corley, Mary Nell Panyard; 27th - Jenna Kleckley, Brenda Smith, McKenzie Flashnick; 31st - Burns Corley, Althea Hendrix, Walter Hendrix, Jessica-Anne Stoudemire

July Anniversaries

2nd - Kregg & Lisa Corley; 19th - Gregory & Anna Wingard; 22nd - Steve & Susan Shumpert; 30th - Patrick & Chesson Merritt

Stories of Faith 

Youth Ministry at Zion and Beyond


On June 17th Morgan and Walt Hampton joined with other Youth and Adults from around South Carolina to dream about the future of Youth Ministry in our Synod. Here are Morgan’s thoughts about the day:


As someone who is very passionate about Youth, I was excited to have the opportunity to help plan the future for the South Carolina Lutheran Church Youth. Going into it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I met some amazing adults and Youth who gave me insight on what things could be done and what things have worked in the past. Towards the beginning I just was observing and listening to what everyone was saying. Eventually, I was able to work with a few youths to come up with ideas and have conversations about things we would like to see in the future. Some of these things we discussed included more service opportunities, youth events, and much more. I enjoyed seeing that other people had the same passion for Youth ministry as I do. This whole process that we went through was easy and smooth and I walked away with a lot from it. Overall, I had a great experience and I took so much with me and I cannot wait for what is to come with our Youth here at Zion and in South Carolina.  

- Morgan Nesmith

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