October 13
Children's Ministry
Zioneers are Meeting ON CAMPUS!!
(4th and 5th graders)
THIS Sunday (Oct. 18) at 4pm
Outdoor Classroom
Bring a pumpkin to carve and wear your costume!!!
Remember we will not have access to the building so go potty before you get here, wear a mask and we will be practicing social distancing!
Check your email before you come if it looks like rain...we will update from there.
Did you see this week's
"Family Link"?
"Jesus Only Needs A Small Offering"
Check out the "Family Link" on
Sunday mornings...
Children's sermon, prayer and devotion questions
The video stays on the Mt. Zion UMC Youtube channel so you can check it out anytime during the week
Love seeing the kids faces as they noticed the Children's Ministry had decorated their mailboxes!!
with Danielle
Hi friends, join me here on Tuesday evening, or whenever it works into your busy online schedules. This lesson goes hand in hand with Mrs. Jeni's children's sermon for the week.

We love and miss you and hope this was a fantastic start to the school year!

This week: Let's see how God can use our little!

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