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No. 66

August 2018

Every week I can safely say I see something new in the modern arena as noted below-

Bermuda keeps several numerals for each post office (for example Crawl 01 , Crawl 02 etc). The 01 designation is kept at the Philatelic Bureau. Higher numbers are distributed to the Post Offices. If a letter is being mailed out of the country it gets cancelled at the BMPC (Bermuda Mail Postal Centre), so no chance of getting a local postmark unless it is being mailed within the Parish or it is sent registered. 

Four Post Offices Bailey Bay, Paget, Somerset Bridge and St. David's) have closed this decade, much to local consternation.

And there are new auxiliary markings. For more information click here.  

In 1984, Bermuda issued revenue stamps in $1,$2, $5,$10, $20, $50 and $100 values. Printer was Questa.
Perf 14.

In 2016 all except for the $2 and $50 values were reprinted by Joh. Enschede. Perf 13.5.

Some reprints are shown here.

Malawi has issued more revalued stamps on May 11 of this year. Click here

And there are some errors. Enquiries welcomed.

Papua New Guinea postmark new variety- Seems to be a style that started in late June where the inner words are taller and the town name is narrower. The Alotau postmark is shown for comparison. For more information, click on the update below.

Papua New Guinea personalized stamps. In addition to stamps issued for Government, NGO and Business users, there is another category- stamps issued for a specific event or because a Post Office requests them. Here are some new ones that I have mostly discovered used on envelope.Specific higher values are usually requested by post offices for their use. Perhaps these could be considered regionals. Prices are $10 each. 

Mask Festival. Tourism Promotion

  Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

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