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No. 58

September 2017

Stamps represent a certain facet of a countries perception of itself to the "outside".  In recent weeks, significant disasters to people and infrastructure have befallen many of the Caribbean islands that I have maintained personal connections with for several decades. And it pains me as I am slowly comprehending the scale of the deprivations that they are going through, and I feel, to a certain degree powerless to help in a meaningful way. Consider giving to your favorite charity to help out in these helpless times. I hope to post updates on the effects to the postal systems in due course.

Skeleton Stamps. Revenue Stamps. Overprint Error Stamps. Let me explain.

St. Vincent Skeleton Stamps

In the 1970's, St. Vincent created a series of stamps with country name and a design that had no values. These were to be used as background stamps for future postal needs. The post office referred to these as Skeleton Stamps-all purpose stamps, that could be produced locally. These were indeed dused for several different issues from the 1970's through 2007. Some were for new postal rates, some for volcano relief, the royal baby and so forth. But there were many more designs and colors that were not used. 

Click here for the full listing ( at least as known to me).

Namibia Revenues

Revenues. Once the philatelic bureau is not involved stamp issues can be a bit more incoherent. This is no truer than for  revenue stamps. And Namibia fits the bill nicely. Try to figure out the issues done since independence....There are three issues, or are there six? There are three printers, and two or three different ways the values were added to the stamps- and it doesn't take long for what starts out as a ten stamp set to approach 100 stamps...if you can find them. Click here for my listing.

Papua New Guinea- Variations on a theme

Papua New Guinea's ability to produce personalized stamps locally has also led it to produce surcharges locally. This also includes misalignments on the uprated stamps. This is an interesting area for further research. I would encourage readers of this newsletter to send me images with at least 300 dpi resolution of items that could expand this listing.

Shifting Overprints                                             New Stamps

And now for some items from stock

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