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No. 59

October 2017

Thanks to all who have responded with images to update PNG varieties on the overprints and the personalized stamps...will show this next month.

Meanwhile, I recently acquired a collection of modern Tonga postal history, that was once part of the Robert Markovits' collection. The focus is on rates and getting commercial usages of the different values, some of which are illustrated below. While the stamps are attractive and intriguing on their own, they did move the mails. Some people were inspired enough with the shapes to do different patterns with the stamps. Kinda fun. 

Specific ones are highlighted below but by no means does it give justice to the range and breadth of the material. Click here to view all five hundred plus covers.

In addition to Tonga , other modern material from other countries that "makes the grade":
- Modern US high values to St. Vincent missent to Grenada. These high values are interesting to collect as they are not used everywhere, and the international usage plus directional instructions makes it sexier. 

- Norfolk Island single rate Commercial use to Pitcairn- inter Island holiday card rate (or so I claim, prove me wrong!), when Norfolk was issuing its own stamps.
Samoa Stamp irregular use.  

Falkland Imprinted (?) Free Frank.

BVI Free Frank . I cant say how much of the infrastructure is still there.

S t. Vincent to St. Lucia Registered return to Sender.

Mail for the blind. As a standard practice, this category of mail is usually posted for free. This item is from Zambia.

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

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