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No. 62

February 2018

Sometimes, walking into a post office you can find out things you would never think otherwise to ask. For example, here are two postmarkers from Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.

The date that is put in the handle is the date of first use...and, for the 2013 canceler, the last date of use is the date the date wheel is set to. 

How would you know to ask about that?

The clerks did think it was a little strange when I asked to photograph the cancelers!    
This month I am showing  an early Australian FDC, New Guinea censored mail collection, some modern commercial uses, St. Helena receipt and Ascension tracking station mail. and  new postal markings from Montserrat. 

I am also pleased to add to my "study and articles" section articles on Papua Postal Notes by Ross Pratley.

Look forward to hearing from you!  

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

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Papua Postal Orders
  • Unique collection uncovered!
    "Down Under" 
    by Ross Pratley (, reproduced by permission of the author and the Postal Order News.
    PROVENENCE: State Library of New South Wales - "Dixson Collection. (Scans of Papua Postal Notes, by courtesy of the library DN/P808"). PON No 123, Jan 2017, 
  • 3rd Time lucky! by Ross Pratley, (, reproduced by permission of the author and the Postal Order News. PON No 127, Jan 2018,