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No. 64

April 2018

Collecting is the chase of filling in holes no matter how small and what the cost. With that in mind, I have enjoyed collecting inexpensive but hard to find items. One could look at plate numbers on cover in this regard, or Solomon Island Postal Agency markings (did you know there are at least 275 different ones?). Getting them all is a just try getting them commercially used! Same applies for governmental free franks (see the Falklands below). 

Anyway, below is a snippet of the plate numbers on cover, and at the very end you can navigate to the Solomon Island Agencies. Do you have your own thriller? Tell me! 
There seems to be more than one taxation office free frank in the Falklands....note the differences.
We have updated Postmarks from Malawi, St. Lucia and the Solomons- we have listed some that have not been recorded before. 

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

Sincerely ,