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No. 68

October 2018

This month the focus is on Pitcairn postal history- with destinations and enclosures. 

Trinidad is still producing more revalued stamps. The most recent series was produced by a different printer using a scroll for the overprint rather than a solid block as was previously done,  

Click here for a set.

Rather than 'only' list these in my "Studies and Articles" section I thought I would show off this information here as well. But there is a lot of articles and rate information there anyway that is waiting to be explored.

And where there are overprints there are errors (these are $50 per stamp).

Below is the latest issue of the US Pacific Island Bulletin (thanks to Eric Baxendale) and updates to PNG Postmarks and Malawi and Trinidad Provisionals (most o the stamps are illustrated)

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

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U.S. Pacific Islands Bulletin by Eric Baxendale, editor