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No. 69

November 2018

Welcome to this months newsletter. We are travelling first to the Caribbean, where we have interesting material from the Leeward Islands from early 20th Century to the 1960's and Barbados, with revenue stamp usage , as well as Grenada with a new missent marking.

Then, I have prepared a listing of the retired postmarks from Malawi. These cancelling devices  reside in a canvas bag at the Main Post Office....some of which were retired more than a quarter century ago.

And then it is off to Papua New Guinea again, for K1.60 personalized stamps.


More Leeward Islands

Previously Seen
New Version

PNG Personalized Stamps

Here are personalized stamps with the K1.60 current local rate. The Trobriand Yam is produced 40 to a sheet with no label. This is the same design as the K 1.50 rate previously issued. Click here.

Below are four stamps that the Post Office has issued on
demand for PNG's 43rd Anniversary of Independence.  Click here

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!

Sincerely ,